How to date women's vintage fashion from the s How to date women's vintage fashion from the s

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The women in the image on the left all wear the snug basque bodice with a high-standing collar.

Genealogy research: Dating vintage photographs by clothing & hairstyles

Also common were pumps with a sturdy heel and the peep-toe shoe with a much smaller peep-toe than we would typically see today. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Women also began to wear pants. Severa Bodices of the s fastened down the front, with buttons growing quite large by the end of the decade.

Severa Aroundthe bustle flattened considerably and formed a drooping set of deep folds down the back. The peplum became extremely fashionable during the forties in jackets, dresses and blouses. The material of the skirt was tied at the back of the thighs and made walking quite difficult.

This dress fits me perfectly, because a size 12 vintage is a modern size 6!

World War II and Rationing

The garment care tag stitched onto the interior of the garment. Severa The jockey waist was commonly worn in the s, featuring two points extending from the bodice past the waistline. Hats were worn for both day and evening wear.

On a different note, reform dress made an appearance.

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They were often gored sewn together with separate bolts of fabric, rather than one large, pleated piece to throw them out at the bottom. You will find that the skirts from this point in time tend to be quite narrow, A-line in shape, and the hemlines hit at or just below the knee.

1940s Wartime Silhouettes

More relaxed sleeves were worn with active wear. The image on the right provides an excellent view of the short-waisted, curvaceous form of the s.

But by the s, women were purchasing mass produced fashion that was less expensive than ever thanks to outsourcing of production to Asian countries.

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While relaxed in fit and material, hostess wear was still Dating esl and thoughtfully designed as they were intended to be worn by the woman-of-the-household when hosting a social gathering at her home.

Companies like Alice of CaliforniaMurs of CaliforniaKoret of CaliforniaMarc of California above and Cole of California were born in the s and s and continued producing styles into the s. In52 million women in the U.

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During the second half of the decade, shortwaistedness became quite exaggerated. These pants were quite wide through the leg, all the way from the hip.

Small, white collars of lace or linen closed at the neck with a brooch, which also became quite large in the late s.

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Severa Bymany daytime and walking dresses featured long, box-pleated skirts that hung straight, and the apron drape rose to a band of folds high across the stomach, as seen in the image below. In manufactured goods however, prints were not nearly as common.