How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured | Our Pastimes How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured | Our Pastimes

Dating vintage barbie, fashion doll guide table of contents:

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Includes descriptions of Skipper, Skooter and Ricky dolls and clothing Intwo Skipper size friends were added, Skooter doll and "the boy next door", Ricky. The dolls, clothing and accessories from the glam years of to are among the most highly sought by collectors, and therefore the most valuable.

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Hallmark has made Barbie ornaments every year since then and well over ornaments have been produced. The first Bubblecut had a small tight hairstyle. As the years progressed her hair got fuller and fuller.

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Totally Hair Barbie, a best seller inhad floor length hair that could be styled. Includes a list of all the Kiddles made with pictures and descriptions She hailed from the Mod Mecca of hipness - Great Britian. Includes Ken and Ken sized dolls Allan, Brad and Curtis from to and clothing and ensembles from to Many dolls made in later years have markings in that area.

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Use a magnifying glass if necessary. Barbie dolls have become collector's items. Although collectors do not often distinguish the different faces like they do with the ponytail, the Bubblecut's face underwent the same transformation as the ponytail.

Includes a list of all the Barbie Hallmark Ornaments made so far along with pictures and descriptions She was also the first to have molded hair instead of rooted - she came with three wigs and a lawn swing and accessories.

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The first Barbie doll from came clothed in a one-piece swimsuit with black and white stripes. One of the original Ken dolls had fuzzy hair on his head, while most later Ken dolls had molded plastic hair.

Look for features that may indicate a Barbie doll was manufactured in the early years. Bubblecut Barbie dolls were sold from to How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured By Sandra Petersen ; Updated April 12, Since Dating vintage barbiegirls the world over have played with the fashion doll known as Barbie and collected not only the doll but also her friends and family.

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The markings indicating where the doll was manufactured, a year and "Mattel" were located there on many early Barbie dolls. Includes pictures and descriptions of Julia dolls and Dating vintage barbie Look for markings on the buttocks.

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