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One of four children growing up in Stamford, Connecticut, Vera was encouraged to be artistic. Geometrics, especially dots, were very popular, as were bold florals.

After they were married, Vera and George moved into a small studio in New York and combined their talents, founding a company called Printex. I found a Vera scarf at dating vera scarf thrift shop.

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Inthe business had out-grown the loft and was moved from Manhattan to Ossining, NY. Hints for Dating Vera Scarves and Clothing. It is Hook up sites usa to find dresses that coordinate with some of her table linens - perfect for retro entertaining.

Handmade Silk Scarf signed by reknown designer Vera dating vera neumann scarf Neumann Silk Scarf is a lovely square, bandanna sized scarf Matchmaking Services New Jersey in black and creamy white Please enjoy a bit of info.

They used a small silk-screening machine to print designs onto linen, which Vera then made into placemats. She continued on as the designer at the company, often working six days a week in Ossining, but going into Manhattan on Tuesdays to have her hair done and to attend meetings with her marketing staff.

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The Neumans bought an old mansion which was converted into her studio and factory. Vera's brother, Philip Salaff, joined the company, and it was he who was responsible for the organization of Printex.

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These designers were responsible for taking the original design which was done by Vera herself in the form of a 36" scarf, and translating it into other products.

She kept her signature on art transferred to the scarves, thus creating the dating vera scarf signature scarf dating vera scarf history.

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The mechanic, the IT nerd, the furniture removalist. Square Dance Sail Cloth, c.

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The Vera signature continued to get larger and bolder. Dating vera scarf scarf is bound on the edges with a black silk border. George Neumann died in the late s, and soon thereafter Vera sold the Vera Companies to Manhattan Industries, one of the clothing manufacturing giants.

The scarf is bound on the edges with a black silk border. Link to different ways to wear vintage scarve "Casual Corner Creative Scarf Tying" All the listed vintage scarves have been. Vera quit her design job.

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Some collectors want just the clothing - especially the early cotton and silks. In light of Susan Seids new book about textile designer Vera Neumannwere revisiting the silkscarfaswallart idea.

Is there any way to figure it out? If you want to call her, call her.

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As many as different designs a year were developed by the team, many of which were printed in the factory right below them. Scarf collectors seem to be attracted to a particular type of Vera designs; some love the polka dots, others prefer the bold florals or butterflies, and still others want just the geometrics.

July 22 dating vera scarf October 20 The scarf is very long and you will be able to wear the Landau scarf in so many ways. I've been wanting to do a little research about Vera for a while now, and through various websites, here is what I was able to find out: I have seen the ladybug symbol on scarves as late as Please see another view Please see another view "Audrey Hepburn inadvertently sparked the growth of one of the world's most successful fashion and home furnishing companies "Laura Ashley".

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Vera also made knit slacks in solid colors to coordinate with the colors in each blouse.

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These garments are quite interesting, as the fabric was engineered, or designed with the idea of the finished garment in mind.

The breadth of this woman's creativity, and the overall whimsy and light-heartedness of her designs, just draw me in like a bug to a porch light but without such a violent end.

Blouses and dresses were made from the Vera textile designs.

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It is possible to find dresses that coordinate with some of her table linens - perfect for retro entertaining!