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Photo Assault Weapon - A vague, emotional term, used to instill fear into the ignorant, by persons with political agenda. In art, it is most closely associated with Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

Inherent to the definition of Carbine, in Winchester terminology.

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Photo Bottleneck - A Dating terminology abbreviations of cartridge with a pronounced shoulder between the body of the case and the mouthwhere the bullet diameter is noticeably less than the case diameter, allowing a larger powder capacity than would otherwise be possible in an altogether more cylindrical case, and to provide a datum point to establish correct headspace.

The viewer must be prepared to search for the intent of the artist as the all-important first step toward communication and active participation.

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In one-point linear perspective, developed during the fifteenth century, all parallel lines in a given visual field converge at a single vanishing point on the horizon. Still Life - A painting or other two-dimensional work in which the subject matter is an arrangement of objects - fruit, flowers, tableware, pottery, and so forth - brought together for their pleasing contrasts of shape, color, and texture.

Photo Blowback - A type of action in an autoloading firearm where the breech is not locked. Action Painting - Any painting style calling for vigorous physical activity; specifically, Abstract Expressionism.

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Hard-Edge Painting -A recent innovation that originated in New York and was adopted by certain contemporary painters. Any weapon used in an attack: Photo Bite - A notch cut into a barrel's lump s into which a bolt slides to lock the barrels in battery. Unified threads measure threads per inch.

Bayonet - A knife, optionally mountable to the muzzle-end of a rifle or musket to add the function of a spear. Futurism concentrated on the dynamic quality of modern technological life, emphasizing speed and movement.

Photo Burnish v - To smooth a steel surface to a mirror finish by firmly rubbing with a hard, polished steel tool, compressing unevenness in the surface.

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Berdan primers must be pierced from the outside and pried out to remove for reloading. Marriages between such cousins are allowed and encouraged.

Trial proofs are generally not signed. Photo Articulated Front Trigger - A spring-loaded hinged front trigger, built to cushion its impact on one's trigger finger as the gun recoils when the rear trigger is pulled. See Paradox Ballistics - The study of the action of propellant powders upon projectiles, their speeds, energies and trajectories.

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For example, most kinship terminologies distinguish between sexes the difference between a brother and a sister and between generations the difference between a child and a parent. They are considered consanguineous pangali in Tamiland marriage with them is strictly forbidden as incestuous.

Free chicago hookup sites [Action] - A type of firearm which, utilizing some of the recoil or some of the expanding-gas energy from the firing cartridge, cycles the action to eject the spent shell, to chamber a fresh one from a magazine, and to cock the mainspring in preparation for firing Dating terminology abbreviations a manual pull of the trigger.

Photo Barrel Wall Thickness - The thickness of the walls of a shotgun barrel tube. Alternatively, may be accomplished with a device known as a collimator. Giving proof of your suitability for the position will quickly convince the interviewer that you are a serious contender for the job.

Photo Bore 1 - The inside surface of a firearm's barrel. The sear rests in this notch when the firearm is cocked. Photo Ambidextrous Safety - A safety catch that can be operated by either hand.

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