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My website is www. All of the very many examples of 'Sherratt' apostles I have seen have had bocages. Should I assume then that it is only one-fourth original? The figures claim to be Staffordshire porcelain, but I believe they are pottery. As the English feudal system fell away and civil liberties grew, the knot was gradually adopted by the Citizens, Freemen and Burgesses of Stafford and was eventually included Dating staffordshire figurines the Staffordshire Borough Coat of Arms.

Inconspicuous damage to pottery has little effect on price. The silky touch of the glaze and the color palette shouts "Neale," and that made me look at the font more closely.

Get to know your antique porcelain collectibles by learning to recognise Staffordshire porcelain.

The figure measures Most figures are not marked. Spode — Early production included creamware, pearlware and blue-printed earthenware. Although my figures of Simon and Iphigenia are unmarked, I believe Ralph Wedgwood made them circaand I say this because the titles are impressed in a small serif font found only on figures associated with Wedgwood.

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I never get a response, but about half the time the listing is corrected. I look forward to someone stepping forth with a better hypothesis. So, as you can see, the name Staffordshire can represent many areas in antique porcelain collecting.

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He had wanted to sell it to the shop owner and he demanded to know how I could possibly say it was not early. A bright mid-Victorian allegorical piece. The figure group is a well known Kent reproduction made in the 20th century. Your figure was most probably made in Asia in approximately the last decade.

Your figure is indisputably a copy.

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Thank you, Peter, for all your help with this. Price aside, I am thrilled to have it. The repros we have to watch out for are those being sold or re-sold purporting to be older than they actually are, either through ignorance or deliberate intent.

After some emailing, the seller wrote me "This piece will go in the junk auction pile, and I'll take my lumps like a good boy.

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