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The conventional three-way steady-flashy-off-and-on button for the 38 rests on top of the laser, which itself is positioned on the right side of the frame behind and on a higher plane than the cylinder. I could place two or three rounds into the center of mass faster that I could deploy this laser.

Once the laser is properly set, shooters can expect the size of their groups to shrink by 25 percent. Small pistols might not be among the best choices for new or inexperienced shooters.

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As if hitting and missing were the only two options. For such a small pistol, the is damn accurat— at distances up to seven yards or more.

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I used it to good effect. Shooting PPU ammo, I suffered misfire after misfire.

It makes the after-action pictures look ridiculous. For range use, the safety may be a plus.

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When I changed ammo and fired off a mixture of Fiocchi and Speer, the gun performed flawlessly, time after time, restoring my confidence. Better still, a shooter could buy aforget the laser, save some money and shoot the hell out the gun.

With so much work to do, the go-pedal is long and heavy. He also suffered multiple FTFs.

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Maybe lots of practice operating the safety would make things better. I was concerned that the gun was a dud or needed to have its firing pin adjusted.

Shooters sometimes refer to the recoil of the little. More than that, I understood it.

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To be evenhanded if onlythere there was no trigger grit or creep. When he switched brands, his problems ended too. Shooting rapid fire, groups opened up as expected, but rounds were still clustered around the center of the target rather than strung vertically.

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The safety lever is small and stiff. I am not recommending carrying without one in the pipe. Does it lack adequate power? I am saying that in the heat of battle, there may not be a difference in lost time between racking and snapping.