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Finally she just stood in the middle of a leak and cried. This crisis cuts across grade levels and academic categories.

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Buying a mass of bus tickets or even redrawing a school bus route to ensure that every child is picked up. Lee Ann washes clothes using a bucket system in her tent. So school districts across the Portland region are banding together to keep homeless students in one place and make them feel as normal as possible.

Most people get food stamps. The space is open on the sides, flanked by a small field of tall grass and boulders to the north, and a rocky hill to the east that she calls her pet cemetery.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregonian Media Group LLC. Ben planted papaya near his tent.

I can still do something great with my life. She came from a deeply religious family and dreamed of a career abroad in mission work after college.

Twinkle often zips through The Harbor as she goes to check on residents or handle problems in the camp. Shina knew her neighbor Duke was in a dark mood this summer because she listened to him argue with his dogs.

Where should homeless people be?

Tita makes crafts in her little oceanfront tent, using homemade tools to transform tin and wrapping paper into flowers. The cloth was dappled with mold.

Dozens of eyes watched him from behind darkened screens in shelters cobbled together from wood pallets and blue tarps. The residents of this camp moved to the site just two months ago.

Said she used to be here a few years ago. Inschools in the Beaverton School District reported less than homeless students.

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Five days later, on March 6,she gave birth to a baby girl, Hannah. She will miss her neighbors, she says. Brenda Cruz, who lives next door to her, makes the same claim.


We go to breakfast as the Spinner Cafe. Beaverton administrators can help arrange child immunizations through the Washington County Health Department.

She brought in portable dumpsters and convinced residents to band together and clean out the large piles of trash and belongings that had accumulated in common areas. Much of The Harbor is just a thin layer of dirt and clay atop a bedrock of coral. Last year, Beaverton and Hillsboro school districts reported 1, homeless students — defined by U.

Embassy in Kiev and is planning to buy Mr Dolego a train ticket to Kiev, the capital, from where he could fly back to the United States.

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Inthey had 1, Students can visit twice a year. Her parents let her go.