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Following the lives of the tenants and landlord of a rundown Leeds townhouse, it mined the classic sitcom territory of loneliness and the desire to escape. Lord Lucan is believed to have escaped London in a car which was later found in Newhaven on the south coast, sparking suggestions he fled abroad.

The show's makers say they have gone to great lengths to piece toegther what they believe are the precise details of the crime. It remains perhaps the only example of counter-cultural fantasy that was a hit with a mainstream audience.

A youthful Dennis Waterman co-starred. Ratings reached 18m and Cilla even got to wear her hat at three weddings. But it was a towering performance from Leonard Rossiter as the miserly and prejudiced landlord Rigsby which made this special.

Lady Lucan was herself badly injured in the attack and when she was able to make a statement afterwards, she named her husband as the man who attacked her and killed their nanny.

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In their first child, daughter Frances, was born, followed by their only son, George, inand another daughter, Camilla, in Lady Lucan has not cooperated with the makers of the new programme about the events of November The 7th Earl of Lucan, pictured here on his engagement in to Veronica Duncan, went missing in Usually-bald actor Rory Kinnear plays the aristocrat who spent a lot of time at John Aspinall's Clermont Club However, when his plans went awry the gangsters then decided Lord Lucan himself had to be got rid of as well, before he was caught, because they feared he would reveal their role in his plans to police.

Its interviews with SS officers, British soldiers, concentration camp victims and civilians make it an invaluable historical document.

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Soon after, Bingham's father died and the gambling-mad old Etonian inherited the title, becoming the seventh Earl of Lucan. She said she called out the nanny's name and was then hit over the head with a blunt instrument.

A staggering 15m watched the satire-on-strings in its pomp.

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Lord and Lady Lucan at the Coliseum in Rome in Easter After each birth Lady Lucan suffered badly from postnatal depression, and she was treated with antidepressants. Lord Lucan wanted custody of the children and hired a private investigator to spy on her but she won full custody in She is thought to have been the target for the murderer who killed her children's nanny, Sandra Rivett, at their home in Lower Belgrave Street.

Rivett was in the basement kitchen making supper for Lady Lucan and her elder daughter and when she was slow in coming upstairs, Lady Lucan went to investigate and found the kitchen in darkness.

Last month she said: Lady Lucan stayed at the big house and looked after the three small children with the help of nanny Sandra Rivett. Leisurely and literary, this examination of the aristocratic Marchmain family seen through the eyes of Charles Ryder Jeremy Irons, pictured left, with co-star Anthony Andrews remains the benchmark for costume dramas.

While her husband was initially sympathetic, the couple began rowing. Share this article Share Lady Lucan, who bore the peer three children, refused to cooperate with the producers of the drama, entitled Lucan, as did her lawyer daughter, Camilla Bloch.

A true ensemble success, it established the careers of Art Malik, Charles Dance and Geraldine James and set a new benchmark for costume drama. A simple format but with fiendishly difficult questions, this saw our seats of learning battle it out week after week in a now-iconic split screen fashion.

Lady Lucan with her three children at Christmasa month after their nanny was murdered at their home On 7 November Lady Lucan was at home with the children and, unusually for a Thursday, her nanny. The Prisoner rarely made sense but its essential strangeness still managed to captivate.

As his gambling debts began to mount up, and rumours spread about Dating shows on itv violence, the marriage fell apart and in Lord Lucan moved out of the family home and into a flat in nearby Elizabeth Street.

Lady Lucan fled to a nearby pub for help, leaving her sleeping children in the house, while Lord Lucan tried to call a friend and then his mother to say Lady Lucan had been injured Dating a girl whos too good for you the children needed rescuing Dating shows on itv the house.

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He reportedly told more than one person that he wanted to kill his wife so he could move back into the family home and be with his children. To the fury of the Thatcher government — which tried to prevent transmission — the Independent Broadcasting Authority allowed it to air, a decision later vindicated by an independent enquiry, and a Bafta for best documentary.

Danger Mouse Dangermouse Credit: No body has ever been found.

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Lady Lucan, who never remarried, is now estranged from her children. She spends her time at her house in Belgravia updating a website she runs giving her version of events.

She later said her attacker was her husband, and he told her he had killed Rivett.

It is unfortunate that he is regularly referred to — in almost factual terms — as a murderer. The Prisoner Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner, Perhaps the most baffling TV series ever made, this drama saw Patrick McGoohan as a former secret agent who is captured and held in a strange coastal village where he is constantly chased by a giant white ball.

A monument to free speech, this hugely controversial This Week documentary investigated the killing of three unarmed IRA members by the SAS in Gibraltar, uncovering serious anomalies between eye-witness reports and official accounts.

Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee in The Avengers What began as a conventional spy series transformed into one of the most bizarre and inventive drama series ever made.