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Feel good about yourself: February 17, 3 harsh truths you need to get over when dating in Portland Last week I was on a steamy date with a super sweet guy. I have after many years of complaining about these things learned to embrace the quirks of dating in the awkwardness that is our Dating portland blog city.

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There are three harsh realities that keep many people from fully committing to dating in Maine. Often rumors fly about people during their most vulnerable moments, primarily breakups. Everyone knows everyone and we need to get over it.

Ask people how they're doing. Make outs and breakups are highly visible This truth is a tougher pill to swallow because there are so many emotions involved.

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Allie Fuller, however, has had a different experience of romance in the Rose City. If you have ever wondered how that nerdy girl landed that super cool boyfriend, she took a chance and messaged him on OkCupid.

1. Your new love interest has dated someone you know

Where the boys are or aren't Keep up the good fight. Choose your actions accordingly. You can't be pining over anyone. For Heather Strom, finding love couldn't have been easier. Is finding love in Portland a breeze, or is this city a black hole of dating?

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Updated November 25, at 8: Finding love, Portland style: As an online dating guru, I can tell you that actually never works out. It's really important that when you go out there, in how you're showing up, you feel that you're presenting your best self. She's not sure if Portland men are too laid-back, Portland women too independent, or a combination of both.

Get to know a person and cautiously be aware that they may in fact be insane. Pony up the 20 bucks and get a mani-pedi and do the things that really make you feel beautiful.

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Your new love interest has dated someone you know Unless your new lover has been celibate or they just moved here from Brooklyn you lucky SOB they have almost certainly dated someone you know, you know OF, your friends know, or your ex knows.

She'd met a guy she liked, but he was "just way too flexible" -- yet just when Fuller decided he wasn't right for her, he stepped up and invited her on a picnic.

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You won't necessarily meet your match online, but this gets you in the mindset of dating and meeting people. No cover charges, plus drink specials and complimentary hors d'oeuvres For more information, contact: Strang recommends a two-pronged approach: Portland Passive Male Syndrome.

Friendly people attract other friendly people, and when you're shining your light and you're smiling and you're having a great time, people are attracted to that. Here in Portland, those are not luxuries we have.

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The "Love Stinks" bus will hit eight to 10 bars, clubs, lounges and taverns in six hours for drinking, karaoke and dancing -- "with an added frisson of bitter cynicism," Lane says. The very rare exception.

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Since she's met most of the men she's dated through friends and work associates, she's decided to focus on dating by referral. To share your story or experiences with dating in Portland email her at emily emilystraubel. Also, be a part of the solution, not the problem.