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Dating my smith and wesson revolver, need help identifying an old revolver?

The J-Frame was a natural for further development. Serial Number — Give us the serial number. Shooting rapid fire, groups opened up as expected, but rounds were still clustered around the center of the target rather than strung vertically.

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Ten to fifteen yard shots could be made all day long, but tight groups at distance were more a matter of luck than skill. I am saying that in the heat of battle, there may not be a difference in lost time between racking and snapping. Note, however, that one empty case will hang up against the forward edge of the left grip panel on ejection unless you trim the rubber a little there.

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There are two aspects of these snubbies that affect their performance more than any others, and if you guessed barrel lengths and triggers, you guessed wrong. Shooters sometimes refer to the recoil of the little.

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For range use, the safety may be a plus. In very good mechanical shape with a reasonably tight lockup and barely any detectable fore and aft cylinder movement, the internals show a very light tune-up consistent with what a police armorer would do, and the SA trigger breaks crisp and clean at an excellent 3 pounds.

To be evenhanded if onlythere there was no trigger grit or creep.

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More than that, I understood it. Fingernailing the little lever would be no big deal. It makes the after-action pictures look ridiculous. The diminutive walnut grips that used to be standard on round-butt J-Frames for decades were absolutely tip-top and smashing for concealment, but for actually shooting the gun, not so much.

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Better still, a shooter could buy aforget the laser, save some money and shoot the hell out the gun. Since J-Frames of all generations and variations are still in wide circulation, leather is easy to find no matter how you choose to carry one.

Today, with high-tech polymers being so popular, sometimes a look backwards shows what old school was like—and what old school can still do for us. Photos obviously are best but some details are not in Dating 2000 nl member. These holsters are available in black or tan from safariland.

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The rear notch in the topstrap sight channel is also correspondingly wider on the I found it impossible to operate the pushbutton with my strong hand holding the stock and difficult to work with the weak hand.

It may take more than two minutes for someone to come along and answer your questions. Carried in pockets and ankle rigs, the little snubbie was subjected to working conditions that could and did frequently destroy bluing and cause notable corrosion issues in the older blued Model 36, and the idea was to extend that corrosion protection into the smaller exposed parts of the Model 60, too.

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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures — Worth their weight in gold, pictures are fairly easy to post here. When he switched brands, his problems ended too. The switch works better than the one on the Bodyguard 38, but not enough better.

They soak up recoil more effectively and inspire as much confidence as a small. The release latch is moderately flared on its top and left side, providing the shooter with an extra bit of purchase while unlatching the cylinder.