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Your local Tire Dealer often displays an overwhelming selection of tires for the average consumer. Another employee asked if he could check the car to see if it was in the glovebox, trunk storage pockets. My air pressure light is still on because my spare tire has a hole in it. The woman behind the counter said oh yes I thought you heard me talking to the tech.

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Kyla March 4, at 7: Checked the dipstick and almost bone dry. She went into the back and it looked like she was talking to a tech.

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I had to file a claim with my insurance. I had it to them within 15 mins and left it and confirmed it would be ready by 3: First thing we did was research potential problems with leaching.

Practicing good, disciplined tire maintenance is a must in terms of extending the life of your tires. He never called back.

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The firm offers a full line of replacement tire models to fit most cars and light trucks. She has no customer service skills at all. I had it do 2 times and then my car was acting up I took it to a different shop and both times they told me I needed a oil change.

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We thought about cutting off both sides, but in the end decided to do only one side. Travis said I needed to replace the tire but I do not believe I was receiving the full truth since I just caught Travis in a lie.

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They told her her the rim was bent and sold her a new one. I would greatly appreciate it if i could get a phone call back.

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Still no call from corporate still no refund. When I learned what happened I went to the store to complain only to have the service manager yell at me and insult me while the manager stood there and watched.

Have no fear, the purpose of this article is to help you do just that.

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They asked her if heir was anything they could do to keep her as a customer, they took advantage by not even replacing the rim they knew that they messed up. I am very displease with the level of service provide. Now if you guys do not want to make things right by fixing her rim and refunding the road hazard I may go to the press and tell them how my mother was treated and tricked by tire discounters.

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Travis continued to tell me the NAIL was too close to the sidewall. I was watching your technicians that were performing the work on my vehicle and saw them take my tires off prop them up against the lift and walk away for about 10 minutes.

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Toni September 28, at 4: I called up my trusty dad who is a pro bargain hunter especially when it comes to cars and home improvementand found out that he recommends Michelin.

Anytime I have had to get air when the low pressure light has come on as soon as I put air in the tires the light has gone off. After listening to him talk in circles and defend himself and his error, I asked that the Regional Manager, Dale give me a call.

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Do not use this company Barbara Ahmed April 27, at 1: So I want a refund. Pirelli tires are known for their high quality as it pertains to handling, dry and wet grip.

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Although many tires look the same, they perform and are priced much differently.