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Because of the effects of such drought cycles on food production, these peoples abandoned large towns and dispersed into small villages about years ago.

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For this reason, modern excavations are usually done on a more limited scale. Archaeologists draw from what is already known of the archaeological record to develop their interpretations. Since the s, urban archaeologists have dug deep under modern cities such as London, Paris, and New York City, uncovering earlier cities that lie beneath streets and skyscrapers.

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The calculations involve several steps and include an intermediate value called the "radiocarbon age", which is the age in "radiocarbon years" of the sample: Explanations are scientific theories about what people living in the past thought Dating methods for archaeology did.

The researchers studied hundreds of stone tools and fragments found in the caches along with broken animal bones. Click Exceptions to Question 2 to view this discussion.

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The artifacts and information gathered remain, but the site itself can never be recreated. The analyses revealed a shift in subsistence patterns over a year period. Horizontal excavations cover large areas of land and provide information on the layout of entire campsites, villages, or city precincts.

The various dating techniques available to archaeologists

Click on ghost seam to view a close-up explanatory picture of this attribute. See the machine-made section of the Bottle Bases page for more information on these scars.

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Archaeologists commonly use computers to map sites and the landscapes around sites. American archaeologist David Soren, for example, led a research team in the s in southwestern Cyprus. Archaeologists often analyze artifact type sequences from many sites covering large areas of land.

Archival research

First this cautionary note: In Germany, a master tree-ring index has been constructed that dates back years, and in Ireland an index has been constructed that dates back over years.

Archaeologists commonly use theoretical models, experiments, and observations of the world as it is today to try to explain what happened in the past. Archaeology also examines many of the same topics explored by historians.