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Meanwhile women should always flirt with the camera - but men should look aloof. Plot your love life: Your body type, sex drive and self-confidence: For women, that appears to mean choosing love over math. When women had romance Dating ex relationshi their minds, they liked math a lot less.

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You should be dating a STEM major. They believe, often on an unconscious level, that demonstrating ability in these stereotypically-male areas makes them less attractive to men.

Male online daters should show off their six packs in their profile pictures, but only if they are young.

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You probably enjoy intense people watching, tracking social movements from party to party and diagnosing your friends. But among women, those who viewed romantic images expressed far less interest in math and science.

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A classic jazz square. A critical thinker who enjoys seeing things in new lights. They also may have a bigger paycheque than the average man - and the very average man prefers, by and large, to be the one who brings home the bacon, he said.

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Now a group of former Harvard math majors are crunching the data to reveal the secret tips of the online dater, displaying them in - naturally - graph form.

The reasoning, the bloggers explained, was that according to the thousands of multiple choice 'match questions' answered by OkCupid's seven million users, couples who met on the site agreed most often on three questions in particular: So women don't just like math less when they are focused on love -- they also do less math, which over time undermines their mathematical ability and confidence, inadvertently reinforcing the stereotype that caused all the trouble in the first place.

But beware, insulting their favorite writer or artist could cause catastrophe for your relationship.

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In a third study, female undergrads filled out a daily diary over three weeks, reporting on the goals they pursued each day and the activities they engaged in.

The secret tips revealed by Harvard math majors Most watched News videos. Believe it or not, another graph shows that younger women enjoy 'rough' sex more than younger men - but that doesn't last long The words people use that signal whether they are more likely to like rough or gentle sex - culled from their profiles Dr Jonason added that women who see and older man showing off his abs will just think he is 'silly'.

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When they did so, they had a roughly 90 per cent success rate with their emails than otherwise. For men, the inverse is true. A person who questions everything society has to offer.

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It's not just that men and women can succeed in jobs that aren't "traditionally" associated with their sex -- kids today already know that.

Humanities majors are awesome because they usually have great imaginations that can go a long way when planning dates, or even in the bedroom. Someone who likes to get down to business. Is this dance going to be black tie or CEOs and corporate hos?

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Too much work to have friends. But new research suggests that girls may prefer to study language, arts and humanities over math and science for another reason: Share or comment on this article: That's because women in their 30s are less interested in the man's body than whether or not he will be a good provider, clinical psychologist Marianne Brandon said.

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