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The horizontal scale is 1: Also associated with analysis of cosmological raster data, the HEALPix projection was not intended as polyhedral, but some of its forms can trivially be so rearranged: Tornado Tracks, also allows you to view historical tornado data on an interactive map. Bennett, the Charles E.

These maps were copied by the nineteenth-century German geographer Johann Georg Kohl from "old books" and collections in Germany, France, and England.

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An additional maps from twenty-eight collections are found in the Library's Manuscript Division. Like in other polyhedral maps, the lobes can be rearranged depending on the map's purpose.

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Both are well illustrated. Apparently no Cahill map was ever much popular, even after thirty years of promotion by the author.

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An architect and military engineer, the French born L'Enfant joined the Continental Army and spent the winter of to at Valley Forge, where he first met Washington. Collignon's curious projection can be modified to an octahedral "butterfly" variant in three straightforward steps: Ptolemaic projection on the face of a jester.

The oldest known maps are preserved on Babylonian clay tablets from about B. The bulk of the Library's collection of rare Korean maps and atlases were acquired by two eminent educators, the archaeologist Langdon Warner, leader of the first and second China expeditions of the Fogg Museum of Harvard University, and the geographer Shannon McCune, born in Korea of American missionary parents.

COBE Cosmic Background Explorera satellite probe launched inmeasured in Dating maps and globes detail incoming microwave radiation from the entire sky - the conceptual celestial sphere.

The Lewis and Clark Collection is indispensable for understanding the early mapping of this region. He made the sphere encircling the globe so that the seasonal changes in the orbits of the heavenly bodies could be observed.

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On the reverse, a copy of a more ancient map uses grid coordinates in a scale of 1: The Lowery Collection of maps was bequeathed to the Congressional Library by Woodbury Lowery on July 5, "hoping they might there be most accessible to students.

One of the great cartographic treasures of the Library, this explorer's chart of the northeast coast of North America from Cape Sable to Cape Cod was drawn by Samuel de Champlain in The American Civil War also witnessed the introduction of reproduction techniques such as sunprints, photography, and lithography to keep up with the great demand for maps.

Although not intended for world maps, it is interesting comparing its distortion pattern with that of the gnomonic map in Reichard's lay-out.

Gerardus Mercator of Flanders Belgium was the leading cartographer of the midth century.

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This unique perspective is one of four different views drawn by Richard Edes Harrison for the December issue of Fortune.

Cartography was considerably advanced in ancient Greece.

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A group of thirty-one maps illustrate the operations of the Armies of the Potomac and James from May 4,to April 9, Also of interest are Dating girl three years older that belonged to Gen.

Waterman studied sphere-packing - the old mathematical problem of juxtaposing identical spheres in the smallest possible volume - and compiled a list of polyhedra whose vertices are defined by the centers of a set of packed spheres.


As adopted in commercial maps, Waterman's projection is neither conformal nor equal-area. The entire collection is available on 35mm black and white microfilm from Chadwyk-Healy, Inc.

Complementing Harrisse is the Johann Georg Kohl Collection of annotated manuscript facsimile maps relating to the discovery and exploration of the New World from to Information about this collection is provided by Richard W.

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The division holds a small but representative collection of thirty-three portolan charts dating from the midfourteenth century to This map was compiled by Dr. Also known as bird's-eye views, perspective maps, or panoramic views, these maps provide unique images of cities as viewed at an oblique angle from an elevation of 2, to 3, feet.

The map collection was donated by Eleanor Wyllys Allen, Chamberlain's granddaughter. Lawrence River and the cities of Quebec and Montreal are depicted on this powder horn.

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This map has been analyzed by Howard F. LeGear in Walter W. Once I plotted and folded such a map by hand alone, using an arbitrary compound of cylindrical and Collignon-like projections.