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Diseases[ edit ] Examples of conditions dealt with by Dating male gynecologist gynaecologist are: It also requires unique instrumentation such as the speculum.

An abdominal or vaginal ultrasound can be used to confirm any abnormalities appreciated with the bimanual examination or when indicated by the patient's history. Aristotle is another strong source for medical texts from the 4th century BC with his descriptions of biology primarily found in History of Animals, Parts of Animals, Generation of Animals.

Cancer and pre-cancerous diseases of the reproductive organs including ovaries, fallopian tubesuterus, cervix, vagina, and vulva. In Sims went on to found the Woman's Hospital in New York, this was the first hospital specifically for female disorders.

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Gynaecologists typically do a bimanual examination one hand on the abdomen and one or two fingers in the vagina to palpate the cervix, uterus, ovaries and bony pelvis. Due to this he got the other enslaved women, who were healing from their surgeries, to assist him in the operations, which required them to help in the performance of these painful surgeries on the other women.

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This drawing by Jacques-Pierre Maygrier shows a "compromise" procedure, in which the physician is kneeling before the woman but cannot see her genitalia. As in all of medicine, the main tools of diagnosis are clinical history and examination.

With this option available, some women opt to see a gynaecological surgeon for non-gynaecological problems without another physician's referral.

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The womb is at times seen as the source of complaints manifesting themselves in other body parts. The speculum consists of two hinged blades of concave metal or plastic which are used to retract the tissues of the vagina and permit examination of the cervixthe lower part of the uterus located within the upper portion of the vagina.

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Treatments are non surgical, comprising applying medicines to the affected body part or swallowing them. Marion Sims is widely considered the father of modern gynaecology.

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Due to having so many enslaved women he would rotate from one to another continuous trying to perfect the repairment of fistulas.

Male gynaecologists may have a female chaperone for their examination. He was the chief representative of the school of physicians known as the " Methodists ".

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Gynaecological examination is quite intimate, more so than a routine physical exam. The text is divided into thirty-four sections, each section dealing with a specific problem and containing diagnosis and treatment; no prognosis is suggested. Gratis dating site 50 plus one of the women, named Anarchahe performed 13 surgeries and without anesthesia.

If their condition requires training, knowledge, surgical procedure, or equipment unavailable to the GP, the patient is then referred to a gynaecologist.