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As I waited my thoughts started to wander and before I knew it, my heart was racing, my throat was tightening and my head was telling me not to get on the plane. That was why it was such a shock when my mother had her second breakdown when I was 10 years old.

This is a story of trauma and resilience. I was upset and surprised when told that we'd be travelling back across the country. Anonymous Monica Graham The stones look great, they are well priced and very importantly, Steve gave me great advice on how to lay them and what materials I should use for best results.

Delivered promptly to a schedule as required by the project — important if storage space is limited. She wasn't allowed to be alone with me at first, so by the time I was six we had built a house with a granny flat so we could live with my father's parents.

Once my father arrived I went to pieces - so glad that someone else realized how sick my mother was and that it wasn't all just in my head. I was allowed to write to him but never to reveal where we were.

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My mother never held down a job during this time, except for a 3-month, part-time job at a nursery. If I don't like her I have learnt the hard way to warily respect her - during a high she can remember things no one else can, win any argument and convince anyone of anything.

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But, after a little while, she began to scare me. Service was very efficient, prompt and delivered as requested. My father had had enough—within a few months I was enrolled for the first time in school and by the school holidays my parents announced their split.

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The product was of very high quality and much lower in price than that quoted by other suppliers. After a long drive—full of verbal abuse about my father—and then a plane ride, we were finally at my Nana's place. I remember her throwing things at him and shouting verbal abuse at him.

The paving looks amazing and worth every penny and more.

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There comes a point when it's no longer my responsibility as a child to care for a parent who won't help themselves. This episode was going Homewrecker dating site start a long and complicated saga in our lives.

Zara is a valued member of the Point Cook parkrun community and it is pleasing to see her achieve these significant milestones, well done.

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I have Dating made easy toowoomba another company previously Col Smith who were ok until I placed the order, but when I phoned regarding advice to remove marks on some of the paving stones they were not only unhelpful but quite rude as well.

Would certainly recommend them and will be using them again!!

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But I can't hang around and wait for her to cause trouble or decide that she wants to get healthy again.