Customer reviews: Dating Like Airplanes: Why Just Fall in Love When You Can Fly? Customer reviews: Dating Like Airplanes: Why Just Fall in Love When You Can Fly?

Dating like airplanes. Dating like airplanes by caleb breakey

However by page 30, my heart was touched and I was hooked. He explains, and he sympathizes, and he offers real advice, real experience, and real perspectives from different sources-all while pointing to God above all.

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When I began to read this book, I naturally had no idea what I would rate it. In humor with the tittle, if you've been dragged out to the runway, stalled, or your engine's revving and you're eager to take off, please delay for perhaps the most important preflight check you'll ever make.

How will you handle frustration with your other? This book could have been called God-Centered Dating with the direct focus it had on being Christ-Centered with or without a special someone.

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How will you handle differences of opinion? I have been married 27 years, and found many truths in this book to apply to the way I interact with my spouse.

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By page 70, I knew this book would earn five stars. Part of this book, indeed, seems to be simply advice on how to live out Christianity, but there's a reason for that. I would recommend this book to any Christian whether he or she is single, dating, engaged, or newly-wed.

How will you pursue your goals? First, Caleb giv In Dating Like Airplanes, Caleb shares his true-life love story--which took eight years to land him and his bride at the altar--and gets candid on the lessons he learned and wished others would have taught him.

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Christ's love should define our romances as much as it defines our lives. To reassure readers what this book was about or to tell the readers what was around this corner.

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Non-fiction rarely holds my interest for very long. Along with the many references to scripture, the last past of the book had nothing to do with dating, although it had everything to do with dating, because it focused on your relationship with Christ.

Dating Like Airplanes provides great tools for getting to know one Dating like airplanes. I was captivated by the amount of quotes that were included in what seemed to be every other page from other people.

Caleb uses his personal relationship to illustrate how easily unchecked love can hurt the one you care about most and cause you to spiral into a dark place.

Dating Like Airplanes

What does it actually mean to date like an airplane? But from his dark place, Caleb emerged closer to God and with a better understanding of what Jesus love looked like. But the struggle seemed to disappear the more I read the book and the more I read the more I started to really enjoy it.

Will definitely be reading it for the 3rd time and multiple times after that. What values determine your lifestyle? It seemed to me like there were numerous attempts at the beginning to sell this book.

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Read Dating Like Airplanes. Your past makes you more prepared to be used for God.