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Two people in the house at Fieldfare Way died in the explosion, and seven others were injured.

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Shirley alleged that Hults initially came up with the idea. They had arranged for Shirley's year-old daughter to stay with friends, and they boarded their cat, Snowball, for the weekend.

The Oxbridge dating service were reportedly in the home briefly and hurriedly left.

He reportedly said, "[T]he tsunami winds came down the chimney, blew out the fire in the fireplace and the gas kept running and the house blew up. Explosion[ edit Dating in richmond indiana At about He was sentenced to two life sentences without parole, as well as 70 years from other charges, on March 18, The defendants requested that the trials be moved over concerns they would not receive a fair trial in Central Indiana due to the high profile media coverage received by the case.

His defense team admitted that the blaze was intentionally set, but told jurors it was only intended to be a small fire and that murder was never his intention.

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On November 19, it was announced that the investigation had become a criminal investigation. They claim that Leonard wanted the hit man to force the witness to call and recant his statement before killing him. Stephanie Callaway diagnosed her with dependent personality disorderbut stated under cross-examination that, while the diagnosis explains Shirley's actions, it does not absolve her of responsibility.

He died of natural causes. Bob Leonard's son told investigators that several items were in the van that had been taken from the home, including photos and financial documents.

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Prosecutors contend that the motorcycle was disassembled in Monserrate Shirley's garage. Her attorneys argued that she was trapped in an abusive relationship and was coerced by Mark Leonard into participating in the crime.

Police became suspicious when they uncovered evidence that the couple had taken similar steps the previous weekend; the cat was boarded and Shirley's daughter was placed with a babysitter overnight before the couple went to the casino.

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The explosion leveled Fieldfare Way, the home at the center of the explosion, and severely damaged a number of other residences, including several on either side which were damaged by the ensuing fire.

On the day of the explosion, another neighbor saw a white van pull into the driveway of Shirley's residence between 2: This type of trial is unusual, but not unheard of and was used in the trial of the Menendez brothers.

She and her boyfriend, Mark Leonard, who also lived at the residence, told authorities they had left Friday night for a weekend at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

The man he called was an undercover agent.

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Prosecutors then proposed an unusual strategy involving one trial, but three separate juries, one for each defendant. Many of the women reported that they met him on dating sites and that he soon began asking them for money. Leonard allegedly asked another inmate at Marion County Jail if he could put him in contact with a hit manaccording to the probable cause affidavit.

Prosecutors alleged that the men conspired to submit an insurance claim for a stolen motorcycle.