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Counselors can offer you a safe outlet for your anger, talk you down from a potentially dangerous emotional cliff, or contact family members to assist you.

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Calling a hotline allows you to talk over your problems and vent your anger, which is often enough to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at This can provide you with the opportunity to find a healthy solution to your problem.

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Call your local hospitals and ask about support groups for help with anger management and control. For example, if you wish to leave the situation, counselors can call a taxi to pick you up, and they can find a temporary shelter to house you until you figure out an alternative.

Learn more about safety planning to brainstorm ideas for safety or escape. The National Anger Management Association offers an online directory that enables you to search for an anger management specialist in your area.

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For Anyone Experiencing a Loss of Control If you believe you are at risk of not being able to control your anger, or need help regaining control once an anger-related outburst occurs, calling an anger hotline can provide you with support and information.

If you have experienced sexual assault by an intimate partner, it can be challenging to come forward for many reasons.

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It often occurs alongside other forms of abusive behavior. HOPE or chat online at online. How does sexual assault relate to domestic violence?

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Sexual Assault in Abusive Relationships. They are available to provide support and information both before anger gets out of control and during an anger-related crisis. The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers safe, anonymous, and confidential assistance 24 hours a day, days a year.

Search Intimate Partner Sexual Violence A perpetrator can have any relationship to Dating hotlines to call victim, and that includes the role of Dating hotlines to call intimate partner.

The hotline provides crisis intervention, information, safety planning, and referrals to community agencies.

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Sexual assault in a relationship rarely exists in a vacuum. This is useful when it may be unsafe for you to make the call yourself. State-by-state list of shelters for victims of anger and domestic violence.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence offers abundant information on anger resolution, creating a family safety plan, and identity protection for victims of anger and abuse.

Anger management hotlines offer a different perspective on whatever situation is making you angry.

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To speak with someone who is trained to help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at Anger hotlines offer a safe and anonymous outlet for discussing your concerns and fears, and they can provide you with an unbiased perspective of the situation, allowing you to evaluate your safety.

For Help by Phone For immediate assistance, call Why should I reach out? Speaking with a professional can help you control your anger and prevent it from escalating to a dangerous level. A website listing of state hotline numbers for anger management services and domestic violence resources.

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Trained counselors have access to valuable resources to help you escape a potentially dangerous relationship. Calls to are free from most public pay phones. Prevent Child Abuse America offers information to parents who need help controlling their anger. Before an anger-related Free cougar dating sites in australia escalates or turns violent: Anger management counselors receive training in relaxation techniques and crisis intervention.

Before an anger-related situation develops: You can receive information about the best course of action to take should a crisis develop, and a counselor can go over your safety plan with you to help ensure your safe escape. Anger management counselors are able to contact the authorities on your behalf if you feel you are a danger to yourself or others, and they will remain on the line with you until help arrives.

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