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Coogee-Spearwood Guy Arab No.

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Mercedes-Benz OG articulated bus - spare parts. Thanks to Garth for sharing an interesting discovery. Although photographer Michael Haug would be the first to admit that this image taken from an old phone camera in April isn't great, it does show that yet another Sydney bus is still around.

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Government Tramways, enabling Metro to concentrate on the western and southern regions and to acquire Coogee-Spearwood as part of the consolidation nearly worked, but the Government declined. The intention is to restore to working order the chassis by and rebuild the body byin time for its 90th birthday.

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In there were no old buses for sale in Tasmania but a tram body from Hobart could have been picked up quite cheaply, as many were.

Arriving at BPSWA's premises at Whiteman Park in Septemberthe current expectation is that it will be used as a source of spares for the Association's other Regals - and that list has just grown again.

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An early aim of the group was to preserve at least one example from each of the operators that were taken over by MTT. But the other first three of the original batch didn't go that way, and No.

Well now we know more.

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There are quite a few Clippers in the country, and even a Flxible Clipper Club of Australia but we've never featured one on this website, so thanks to John for the chance to put that right.

It wears the blue and cream PTC livery of the s.

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The Society needs Cancer man hook up space, particularly covered accommodation and volunteers to restore and maintain the collection.

New to a company in Oxley NSW and it looks to me like a late s modelit had been used as a school bus, then owned by a church, and finally a mobile home.

The couple that own it also have an English pub. A scheme whereby Metro would sell their Armadale operation to the W.

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How can you resist walking over to take a look at this lot? Metro showed interest, but didn't buy it. It was originally built with a timber-framed halfcab body and was rebodied as a full-front with fibreglass mouldings.

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Fortunately he also spent a bit of time taken pictures for the Classic Buses Website. We will be working closely with the LVVS who have been extremely helpful and supportive of this project. It's currently preserved in Sydney and a model of it is available for sale in the Museum's shop.

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Finally withdrawn in it passed to Cliffs Robe River Mining for use at their facilities in the Pilbara area. Many thanks to Nicholas Pusenjak for his assistance with this item and provision of photographs, and specific acknowledgement to Graeme Gugeri for his fine article in the April edition of Rattler the magazine of the Bus Preservation Society of Western Australia which provided much of the information.

He kindly keeps me advised of news from the collection, but this vehicle was actually spotted at Blackheath NSW, about 50 miles north west of Sydney, and just a short bush walk from Garth's home. Thanks Nicholas for sending the image and information.

Michael says it is on a property north west of Moree, NSW, and had been converted to a site office.

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A special preview day for invited guests took place just before Christmas and the official opening day was on 1 Augustafter which it opened to the public on the first and third Sunday of each month. BPSWA has so many projects and so few people and little money that we can't restore them all to perfect operating examples but the mechanical parts from A14 and should assist us to keep the other two Regal IIIs running in perpetuity.