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Confidence scores for gender assignment with regard to the female and male profiles built by SVR on the basis of token unigrams.

Apart from the general agreement on the final decision, the feature types vary widely in the scores assigned, but this also allows for both conclusions.

We selected of these so that they get a gender assignment in TwiQS, for comparison, but we also wanted to include unmarked users in case these would be different in nature. Apparently, in our sample, politics is a male thing.

TiMBL peaks a bit later at with An alternative hypothesis was that Sargentini does not write her own tweets, but assigns this task to a male press spokesperson.

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With only token unigrams, the recognition accuracy was We will focus on the token n-grams and the normalized character 5-grams. From the aboutusers who are assigned a gender by TwiQS, we took a random selection in such a manner that the volume distribution i. Even so, there are circumstances where outright recognition is not an option, but where one must be content with profiling, i.

However, even with purely lexical features, 4. Identity disclosed with permission. However, for classification, it is more important how often the token is used by each gender.

The best performing character n-grams normalized 5-gramswill be most closely linked to the token unigrams, with some token bigrams thrown in, as well as a smidgen of the use of morphological processes. Recognition accuracy as a function of the number of principal components provided to the systems, using normalized character 5-grams.

There is much more variation in the topics, but most of it is clearly girl talk of the type described in Section 5.

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It then chose the class for which the final score is highest. For each system, we provided the first N principal components for various N. In later research, when we will try to identify the various user types on Twitter, we will certainly have another look at this phenomenon.

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Taking again SVR on unigrams as our starting point, this group contains 11 males and 16 females. Dating gehandicapten this material, we considered all tweets with a date stamp in and In all, there were about 23 million users present.

This may support ourhypothesis that allfeature types aredoingmore orlessthe same. Although LP performs worse than it could on fixed numbers of principal components, its more detailed confidence score allows a better hyperparameter selection, on average selecting around 9 principal components, where TiMBL chooses a wide range of numbers, and generally far lower than is optimal.

Furthermore, LP appears to suffer some kind of mathematical breakdown for higher numbers of components. Top Function Words The most frequent function words see kestemont for an overview. Currently the field is getting an impulse for further development One year dating love letter that vast data sets of user generated data is becoming available.

This meant that, if we still wanted to use k-nn, we would have Dating gehandicapten reduce the dimensionality of our feature vectors. In effect, this N is a further hyperparameter, which we varied from 1 to the total number of components usuallyas there are authorsusing a stepsize of 1 from 1 to 10, and then slowly increasing the stepsize to a maximum of 20 when over