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Though she had no evidence of distant metastasis when she began with me, multicentric disease coupled with lymph node involvement augered for a poor prognosis.

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Shortly after surgery, FK began chemotherapy with CMF, a protocol she continued for the next two years. This occurs in women around years of age. Though her doctors insisted GR begin chemotherapy at once, she refused, instead choosing to resume, as best as she could, her nutritional program.

There are thousands of real people involved in this, people like Trixie, who didn't deserve to lose their lives. Since stopping tamoxifen, she has received no conventional therapy.

In late Decembershe underwent surgery as planned. Our decision has not been dictated by a negative clinical experience, but rather the extraordinarily hostile legal environment that exists for alternative practitioners such as ourselves.

She underwent right mastectomy, and three nodes were found infiltrated with metastatic cancer. This marble-sized lump is formed by glandular cells the cells that produce milk during breastfeedingwhich are located right behind the nipple.

Sixteen years out from her original diagnosis, she is in excellent health, active with various activities and hobbies. They can be cm.

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An ultrasound of the liver in July revealed new progression of the liver lesions, with one now measuring 7. The pathology report describes a 2.

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I believe she is an informative case, one of a series of women in our practice diagnosed with node positive disease, who avoided chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal blockade, and the attendant side effects, and experienced long-term disease free survival.

They are painless, soft and squishy.

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Share what motivated you in a comment below! She continued chemotherapy intermittently for five years with methotrexate and later vincristine, before finally giving it up entirely and continuing only on my therapy.

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After learning of my work, she decided to proceed with our treatment and first consulted with me in October They usually occur in women from years of age, and is formed when a gland clumps with connective breast tissue. He Dating during breast cancer, "She was taken to soon - a victim perhaps of other's failings.

In a calm and determined way she explained her decision to refuse disfiguring surgery or toxic conventional treatment, whether I chose to be her doctor or not, so I agreed to treat her.

But, they can always be surgically removed if they are too big or painful.

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Since that time, AR has been a dedicated, compliant, and very grateful patient. Her respiratory symptoms had resolved and her pulmonary examination was normal. However, she frequently reported severe personal stress, including a very difficult divorce involving aggressive legal actions.

Nor did he press the case for additional conventional treatment when GX made it clear she would never agree to such an approach again. Since she had diffuse disease throughout the breast, her surgeon insisted she needed mastectomy.

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After surgery, an oncologist suggested RA enter a clinical trial comparing standard chemotherapy for node positive breast cancer against a new regimen consisting of Cytoxan, epirubicin and 5-FU, for six full cycles.