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She was going to describe all the differences between her body and Yukari's, but Yukari stops her.

When Chie mentions how cold it has gotten, it reminds Yu that he promised to buy a new kotatsu for Nanako. Claiming that it is what humans desire, she aims to cover the world in dense fog and turn mankind into Shadows, which would cause all humans to only see and believe what they wish were true and cease all suffering.

Teddie is upset that the boys and girls are put in separate rooms, yet Kanji wonders why the boys' room looks so expensive. Kuni-no-Sagiri, in possession of Namatame, takes control of Yu. In the Velvet Room, Igor remarks on his long journey and how their guest has acquired many bonds along the way.

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Abandoned by his friends and caught in a situation no student should be wrapped up in is Yu able to somehow salvage the situation? Athena serves both as a way to defend Aigis as well as complement her assault. As the group splits up to hold off the Reapers, the real story behind Adachi is unveiled.

When he departs in the end, he is surrounded by friends and his memories make him smile despite having to say goodbye.

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A couple of days later, Chie signs up all of the boys in their group of friends for a drag pageantry as revenge for what Yosuke did to her.

Sparrow reflects on her choice in the Spire. Most of Persona 3's main features return, including the popular Social Links and the calendar day system - just as in Persona 3, the game takes place within an entire school year.

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Aigis is also the second fastest character in the game after Yosuke. When their homeroom teacher, Kinshiro Morookais found murdered, the group is confused as he had not appeared on the Midnight Channel like the other victims.

Rise even points out that you can't hurt the Shadow unless you destroy the shell, just like she does in the game. As such, Saki blames Yosuke Hanamura and his family for her current plight.

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Nanako asks Yu what he has been up to for the whole summer break, and he begins to tell her what he has done. Upon Metis' explanation, the party realizes that the protagonist has not became a seal to prevent Nyx's coming, but a seal to prevent humanity's desire for destruction, personified as Erebusfrom making contact with Nyx.

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In a fit of despair she shoves Chie into the TV world, and resolved to keep it and her twisted obsession for Yu Narukami a secret at any cost. Yu later goes to the rehearsal room and sees Ayane, who has not improved her part ever since, and she steps down when the junior trombone player is healed in time for the cultural festival.

Her gameplan revolves around multitasking: As the Shadow starts to attack the others, they retreat while Naoto is left in her Shadow's clutches.

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Yukiko's pet bird in episode 4, hinted at during the opening cinematic of the game. Free for pickup whenever you like. On the day of the summer festival, Nanako is at the fairgrounds by herself as Dojima has to work late, feeling she will never solve the case.

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The Social Links also get condensed pretty heavily, usually only presenting part of the issues that the person in question is working through. Though to compensate for this, the shell is a lot weaker than in the game.

I'm accepting ideas so leave a review if you want one written. They gave him a friend who was alive for only one day, and when his friend disappeared after the day, he wished that he had never made his request if he knew how lonely it would make him feel after.

Upon leaving the shop, the group sees Kanji talk with an unknown young man. Teach me to love, Jack, so my snowflake may reveal a beautiful and warm heart.

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T - English - Chapters: As in the illusion, Yu proposes that the gang have a celebratory party for Mitsuo's arrest.