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I appreciate your positive and clear style, mixing information with discussion. The too-fast-too-soon dilemma is addressed by giving participants a sure-fire template for setting the right pace — from the very first contact.

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Many of our alumni help sponsor people in need of financial assistance. You will learn to leave your baggage in the past that has been hurting your in your relationships and decision making.

All attendees are responsible for their own expenses. You will be responsible for making your own hotel reservations and paying the hotel directly. You can date your boyfriend or girlfriend's best friend the next session, and it's totally fine.

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By the end of our time together, you will have grown deeper and made friends for a lifetime. Accelerated learning techniques help participants learn more in less time than traditional methods.

Just a hop, skip and a jump over to your crush's cabin. No subways, no car rides, no trains. Sunsets over the lake? It's tough to find an evening to meet up in the real world -- jobs and friends and Dating camp appointments and social obligations get in the way.

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Yes, we're talking about summer camp. Attendees are responsible for their own travel, meals, hotel and expenses. Learn the importance of honoring boundaries — yours and theirs - from the beginning. Singles will participate in interactive games and drills enabling you to practice the tools that you get during the Boot Camp.

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There's no avoiding each other. An Absolute Must for Singles. Workshops do not have to be taken in order, and missed workshops can be attended in a later series. Each Single will have a different story to tell, but the goal is the same — to become the best you can be Dating camp that you can make the best choices for yourself.

The Couples Retreat registration fee is $900.00 per couple

Thank you so much. If an awkward situation arises between you two, you're forced to face it head-on. Everyone still has a little love for their first camp love, regardless of whether you're still in touch.

Learn current dating rules and effective dating strategies. Attendees must attend all Dating is so tiring during the four days.

Dating Boot Camp

This Kundalini Awakening will clear negative patterns of being and replace them with a new sacred sexuality that will allow you to build a magnetic field of love and attraction.

We all have experienced the agony of broken relationships and bad picks.

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We will teach you the tools to open up a new world of communication for your relationship. New Life, New Relationships Through this relationship enhancing boot camp, prepare to have your perspective changed and your outlook shifted as you learn new ways to set boundaries, look out for warning signs, openly communicate and improve your self-esteem.

There's no pressure for your relationship to "become anything" beyond camp. You will never cuddle more in your life than at camp. In addition, you will also have a ton of fun all while making some lifelong friends!