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Other buckle-type fasteners are included in the buckles and clasps section. Texas staff button, unlisted cuff post Civil War. Texas button, state seal, "Texas" around beveled star on plain field without border, southern wartime manufacture, high convex, blank back with channel, My opion is that this piece is repro.

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Maine officers coat button, 22mm. Oxford Mississippi in by Bud Richards, button was obtained from the digger in the 's. Two part low convex button, coat size, crudely stamped and assembled southern "local". Button depicts bold "C" on lined background with wide border, low convex cast bass button.

This die variant, Tice variant "B", features a star with flat points, tree is wide.

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Texas button, state seal, flat star on lined field, high convex officer staff, Scovill Mfg Co. Dug button, shank intact with wiggle. This is the Revised and Supplemented Edition.

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Shoe buckle designs ranged from elaborate jeweled versions with precious metals in the earlier period to the more common imitation jeweled versions in the 20th century.

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None of the items listed in this section are for sale, please refer to relicman. Stand up shank intact, rare button. Maine button, state seal husbandman and seaman with white pine, officer staff, Extra Quality, dm, TexasCavalry cast "C" T Miller button, 20mm.

This is a work in progress, I list items as I get to them, there are many patterns that are not listed yet, this list will be regularly updated as I get pictures and descriptions for more items.

Dug button, low convex with gilding, stand up shank.

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Found Brazos River, Texas Ref: This pattern is noted for poor casting quality, part of the letters are usually obstructed by casting debris, casting was likely a second or third generation casting using the T Miller design as a pattern.

I am sorry but I do not accept Paypal. This is the pattern with a starburst above the state seal Maine button, state seal husbandman and seaman with white pine, officer staff,Extra Quality, by Scovill dm, This is the ,1st and ONLY printing of this book, which was a supplement to the earlier version.

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Note the casting error on the face of this button. Click Dating buttons warren k tice, Hook up chandler az for sale: Buttons of this pattern were produced both in brass and white metal, this is white metal.

Scovill produced cafor small buttonsonly, Schuyler24Small. Maine staff officers coat button, 22mm.

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So was this made by T Miller as a later variant, could this be a T Miller re-strike, or is it a much later example. There is also an interlock design where one side of the buckle passes through an opening in the other half to form a closure that looks like one piece. Stand up shank intact, button is pushed but good example.