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Joe approached the manufacturing company Eko in Italy about making the Wah. I have also seen one Jumbo Tone-Bender with the four-transistor Supa circuit, so occasionally these swapped versions may have been made.

Pot dates I have seen on the TDB are from and ' Thomas Organ patented the Wah circuit design, but by the time the patent was granted there were already dozens of copies of the pedal on the market. The enclosure color changed to silver again aroundthen black.

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It also had the effect of giving the muff some sputtery gated fuzz effects at the right setings. Its designer has also become a legend. Otherwise the silver enclosure appeared identical to the previous Germanium based Tone Bender.

The Wah pedal circuit was the result, which Thomas Organ decided to market as a stand alone pedal in The Colorsound Supa Tonebender pronounced Super featured a new Silicon transistor circuit that had no relationship to the previous Germanium transistor Tone Bender circuit at all. Component values seem to be based on a few V1 Triangle Big Muff circuits, with the pF caps from the V2's thrown in for good measure.

Jen then began to market a line of pedals under their own brand in Around Sola started using the modified Big Muff circuit from the Jumbo Tonebender in these pedals.

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Sola Sounds decided they wanted to use the circuit for their Tone Bender line, but rather than knock it off exactly, Sola made a few changes, creating a unique sound. Both the Supa and Jumbo were produced simultaneously throughout the mid to late 's with a wide variety of graphic designs, color schemes, and slight variations in circuit component values.

Apparently it was only used on the Fuzzola II version.

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This one has a replacement footswitch. The Jumbo Tonebender circuit board was made in two slightly different layouts, but the examples of the Tone-bender Fuzz that I have seen only used the first version.

This new circuit was essentially a knockoff of the Electro-Harmonix four-transistor Big Muff circuit, specifically a era Big Muff, now known as the violet Ram's Head.

Hohner had been around sinceknown as one of the worlds largest accordion and harmonica manufacturers.

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This made it more open sounding and not as compressed as the traditional Big Muff. The Supa circuit board was made in two slightly different layouts, although the circuits were identical.

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I have an early circuit board in my Supa that actually includes through holes in the first clipping stage for the missing cap and diodes, indicating Sola intended to originally make a straight clone of a violet Big Muff, or possibly had plans to do so later, but it does not appear any were made with the complete components.

They created a line of very popular effects pedals under the brand name Sola Sound, and later under the brand Colorsound. An early clone of the V1 "triangle" Big Muff.