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Mulbagal Mulbagal Mulabagilu in Kannada is about 30 km from Kolar. Arabi Tahari is a new type of dish which is gaining popularity due to Middle Eastern influences.

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The most excellent among these is the Veeranarayana temple - a fine example of Hoysala architecture. Shakatapuram is also known by name Bandigadi. Haandi Biryani is a favorite local signature dish which is made in large quantities for special events.

Kirtivarman I strengthened Vatapi and had three sons Pulakeshin IIVishnuvardhana and Buddhavarasa, who at his death were minors, thus making them ineligible to rule, so Kirtivarman I 's brother Mangalesha took the throne and tried to establish rule, only to be killed by Pulakeshin II who ruled between A.

Sometimes vegetables are also added. Darshan of the deity is through a chequered window in the sanctum. The entire project involves the installation of one crore shivalingas of various sizes, hence the name 'Kotilingeshwara'.

The walls at this point are cyclopean in construction. Huldey is a local dish made from a mixture of boiled cereal grains as well as grams and peanuts with some ghee and spices.

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Jaggery is produced in large quantities and exported due to sugarcane and sugarbeet cultivation. Devanur 35 km Devanur is famous popular for the 17th century Sri Lakshmikantha temple and the 13th century Sri Siddeshwara temple which is visited by scores of pilgrims.

Mudgali Harees is a dish made from finely mashing a mixture of cereals, pulses and meat in a large vessel with continuous application of heat over a long time.

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Mulabagilu has been taken from the word Moddalabaagilu which means the eastern-door in Kannada language. This ancient Agrahara settlement on the banks of the river Bhadra, and is looked upon as one of the pancha- kshetras. The tank now provides irrigation facility to about 1, hectares of land.

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After the establishment of the Bahamani Dynasty, the Bijapur kings took possession of the western and southern parts of the territory of the Bahmani kingdom including the forts of Raichur and Mudgal. Kotilingeshwara has the distinction of having the biggest Shivalinga ft in the world and accompanying it is a 35 ft tall Basava.

The massive bastion above referred to has a gun with a Kannada inscription near the muzzle. Khaliya Roti is a variant of the Marathi naan qalia where the naan is replaced by jowar or bajra roti.

The lord is standing with his consort Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. Marle 12 km Marle is home for ancient temples. Cool and salubrious climate throughout the year.

Pariksi, Sudhanu, Jahnu and Nisadha'. Kolar was the first capital of the Gangas, till 4th century AD. Modern Indian historians tend to assume longer lengths, pushing the start of this list back to an earlier date than is shown here.

Kolar has become popularly known as the "Golden Land" of India. Kudremukh 95 km Kudremukh literally means 'horse face'. It is so called, for its mountain ranges look like the face of a horse. Desi Muragh ka Shorba is a stew made from an indigenous breed of chicken and vegetables which are native to the area.

Heavy Prakara walls, ornate Kalyana mantapa and a Devi Shrine, lofty gopura at the entrance is known for fine stucco figures on the tower, while the door frame is carved in typical Vijayanagara style with dwarapalas etc.

Many other Indian spices are also cultivated. It is believed Khandya is one of the five sacred places.

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