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I was rebellious and antagonistic. If there is no God, then everything is just physics and matter, molecules and forces.

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Once, I would pray daily, often for hours, for every little facet of my life, turning over even the most insignificant little things to the creator of the universe. I'm sick of being selfish, I'm sick of using people, I'm sick of being dishonest, I'm sick ….

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Once again, I asked where the word kind was defined in that way. Did you really not believe in God? I also realized that I was totally and completely lost in my sins and that I needed to be baptized to have forgiveness as the Bible commanded.

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Oh, an atheist, huh? At the urging of many people, we have put it into booklet form — hoping that it may be helpful to someone whose faith is quivering in the winds of stress.

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I decided that if I ever came to believe in God, it would be a belief based upon the Bible. In all 3 cases, these individuals make themselves 1 in the universe, accountable to no personal God.

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You do not quit buying groceries because the grocer says one thing and does another. I tried every conceivable thing you can think of.

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I will not try to tell you that I did not find pleasure using my own system of following my own desires, but I can guarantee you that I did not find happiness. This effort began on October 1, Evil Exists in the World: Therefore, Christians must concede that God performed the evil deeds that are documented in the Bible.

The reason that I think many things happen with young people today is because they try to find happiness living their own way. When my mother said she did not want me to go, I disconnected the speedometer and went.

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In that particular course, we were studying the problem of origins — the creation of matter from nothing.