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Dating a weed dealer vice, have a criminal law question? try findlaw answers.

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That can certainly get you in big trouble. But you can't be charged criminally merely for having what society considers unsavory friends. So now you are dating a drug dealer and the dates are nice but you have some questions about what this means for your life.

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If you blame it on your lover, don't expect that tactic to go over very well. Insider Tips A woman writing anonymously in Vice UK explains that a particular risk of hanging around with drug dealers, based on her personal experience, is that you don't know when you might find something illegal in your pockets or bag.

Will you go to jail for just hanging around with this person?

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It is going to be hard to explain that you love them, just not enough to take the rap. Maybe you will get out of the charge, but you'd have to get your mate to take responsibility for the drugs, which is not likely to happen, or welcome the end of your relationship.

But of course hanging around in places where illegal activity takes place increases your risk of being in a bad situation.

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It is very hard to say what will happen to you when you date a drug dealer without more context. Many criminal defense attorneys consult for free or a minimal fee and will be happy to help.

Get some guidance on handling the situation the right way. Reporting Crimes You have probably seen crimes taking place and not reported them before -- underage drinking at a party, people taking bong hits.

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If you get picked up with drugs, you can and will be charged criminally. Talk to a Lawyer If you are dating a drug dealer and have concerns about something you have seen or done, talk to a criminal defense attorney. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you can get picked up in a sweep if you're hanging around shady places.

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No one can guess what the consequences for dating a drug dealer will be in your case specifically, but here are some things to keep in mind. In reality, most people let plenty of illegal activity go on without calling the cops.

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Are transactions happening around you or is it totally separate from your existence? How high-end pun intended is this dealer's business? Theoretically, if you are not doing anything illegal -- not making, possessing, or distributing drugs -- then there is no reason you should get in trouble with the law.

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Is your true love selling heroin or weed?