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Dating a somatic narcissist, there is nothing more toxic than a narcissist

So how can narcissists spin on a dime and create and swap personalities so easily?

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I still harbored a slim hope that she would somehow miraculously change into a caring, compassionate person. I finally had to accept the truth.

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He would cry easily and show emotions when we get married, when our son was born, when he would remember the past times spent together Sometimes, he would remember the first hotel room that we took together and yet he forgot my 1st birthday and our 1st marriage anniversary…Completely inconsistent!

My question, How do you break free from them?

Why is the Narcissist So Nebular?

Sorry this is so long, this feels like the beginning of a journey for me. Noella said, February 4, 9: I ended communication with her completely.

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You walk a delicate line between enabling your daughter and ending up supporting her irresponsibility. All from whatever he put in her head.

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Amanda said, July 6, 4: In her world, my part in her little play had ended. But, I count my blessings that in my basic solitary life, separation from others is much more fulfilling than I Dating a somatic narcissist imagine any human connection could ever be.

I am now in my thirties and the crying continues.

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Please spare yourself and your kids. Sam heartbroken said, December 4, He would pop a Xanax and go drinking while cheating on me.

Surviving Marriage to a Narcissist

Since you shared that your mother was or is a narcissist. One time the doctor put her off on her surgery and opted to send her to a psychical therapy clinic instead.

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Interestingly, in the bible, Palms 73 it describes narcissists and what later happens to these wicked human beings. I acted out and was a very angry child. It is undoubtedly one of the hardest toxic bonds to break. It was no longer just triangulation, gaslighting, it progressed to physical violence.

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It does need to be expressed however, that in times of narcissistic rage and when the mask cracks, the behaviours of projection, devalue and discard, malicious acts, pathologically lying, zero accountability, nil conscience, hoovering and smearing are identical.

This started with alcoholic narcissistic parents. Of course I have had times in my life of tremendous pain, but realize now how lucky I am not to be dealing with relationships that I see around me. He adored me, worshiped me and changed many things about him just for my sake.

No wonder I had big issues and fears around this — all to do with DNA deep ancestral wounding inherited from females forebears and very young childhood wounds programmingwhich ensured I would keep attracting abusive engulfers into my life in order of course to finally have enough wake up calls pain to go to these wounds, face them and heal them.

She stayed, she hung in there just like I did…she also clung, begged, pleaded and cried.