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How did I get into that?

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But so far thank god they are doing well and we are open and discuss everything with them. When dating a person with delusional schizophrenia, therefore, it is important to recognize when the delusions may be sneaking up on your relationship and find a way to diffuse them as much as possible.

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So, I may lie in late, or go to bed very early. What makes him think he's well?

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The advice others gave in this thread is very realistic. In such a situation the first thing you need to do is gather as much information about the illness as you can.

If you were my daughter, I would want you to make a fully informed decision. As far as the guy is taking his drugsi dont see much problem. Do some people have the hallucinations and just manage to ignore them and get on with life, or do the meds stop them completely or something?

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Finally she asked me what I did for a living, and I told her I write about mental illness. Take an eager interest in him or her and smile and use his or her first name repeatedly in the conversations.

Finally, I wanted to mention that, as you said, schizophrenia is very, very heterogeneous - so when you Motorcycle dating certificate out to read about what happens to people with schizophrenia, you're liable to come across a huge range of stories, some of which are hopeful and some of which are horrible.

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I guess this isn't ideal for everyone, but it is perfect for us. No one can predict the outcome or his prognosis nor the effect this would have on your child or if this would endanger her.

I wonder if he's minimizing when he tells you he's only had that one episode? I heard these people get really violent at times so I'm a lil scared but I really like his personality and I guess I could take the good with the bad.

I live with this word, though; I am the word.

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He calls people friends of the family and abuses them on bad days, he calls my in laws, but they understand. They are bottom of the pile when it comes to health care. I guess he gets a shot for his condition. Abs im glad you posted this, im in the same position ive met a sweet, optimistic and really caring boy who always trys his best to make me happy.

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He never hurt her, but was very delusional about a relationship that never existed. If you are dating someone who you believe may have the condition, it is important to learn how your role, as the partner, can adversely affect the symptoms of the schizophrenia. Dating a Schizophrenic - Tips and Advice Category: Although there have been periods of uncertainty and minor episodes, there has never been the stereotypical hundreds of phone calls in a single night threatening to kill myself that most people would associate with a crazy lover.

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If all this seems too much for you to bear, then perhaps you should not be taking this further. Be prepared Even though there are different types of schizophrenia, almost all lead to very difficult relationships.

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Create a second sound bite for when the person asks you what you do for a living. It would be a heartbreak for me to date a guy with SZ or BP who refused to take medication.

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You need to be cool with this. When did he get the diagnosis?

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She is his full time carer now, there aren't many women like her leftshe has had a truly awful life. A two year old needs safety and stability and as a mom that is for you to provide at any cost.

I am seriously considering dating him. Mental Illness as Third Wheel.

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To some extent, having hypnopompic states and being very high-functioning between episodes of exacerbation may be more common in people who are on the border between schizophrenia and bipolar - so it may be that this could be part of the picture for your boyfriend.

The paranoia spikes, and I can retreat into a fog of depression that can last for months.