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They are either gone or going out the door when you wake up, or they work the night shift and you're left crawling into bed all by yourself. There's just one that's too aggressive or too bossy or too lazy or too messy or never on time. Someone is saving something for them right now.

Your daughter is using industrial-strength nail polish remover for surgery cases to remove her Piggy Paint.

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And you don't think you are a nurse. God help our poor spouses!

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Because nurses are fiscally responsible and stuff. They are tired on the days that they work, and it takes them a few days to recoup.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. They love their patients, except when they have one that is too needy when they're understaffed and the waiting room is full. They know you aren't fascinated by gross stories, but they still feel the need to tell you anyway.

Or they'll full of emotion from loving life because of something that happened at work and they'll want to be really sweet. When they give you a task, you don't complete it as quickly as they could have, or as well as they could have for that matter.

He was like "what the hell is this?!? You think you are more qualified than the actual, licensed person you're married to.

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They want to pop or puncture anything suspicious on your body. So you'll constantly try to medically-reason your point-of-view, as if you know more about health-related topics than the nurse you're married to.

They love almost every single one of their coworkers. You're either a big baby who can't handle a little cold, or you have the swine flu because you went against their wishes and didn't get the flu shot this year. I'll never forget the look on my husband's face when he picked up a towel that had a tiny hole cut out of the center.

Absolutely anything left over from work that they could use around the house, you find around the house! It's as if half-listening to every explanation of every disease process qualifies you with some sort of fantasy medical degree.

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You either need to suck it up or you're moments away from knocking on death's door. And they let you know it.

You wake up or go to sleep alone.

Or they're angry about something that happened at work don't ask! They're so good at multitasking, they make you look completely incompetent. It usually relates to a story involving some sort of bodily fluid or something weird and unusual about a patient or a physician.

It's like some sort of sick fetish Like Adventures of a Labor Nurse on Facebook.

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If you are married to a nurse, one thing is almost guaranteed These are just a few of them. Unused laps from an OR case are now being used to clean your kitchen counter tops.

By then, the kids are almost asleep and they're so tired from their day at work that they're ready for bed as well.

You feel like a single parent on the days that they work. You can probably easily entice them with wine, but then they just fall asleep immediately afterwards. It's like you never know who you're going to get When they get home, they immediately take a shower to wash off any killer germs, so they're really not "available" for another half hour after they get home from work.

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You eventually give up and just pretend like you're interested -- but in reality, you're aren't listening to a single thing they're saying.