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Renji gets to answer his question by actually saying Ika Musume 's title characters have often been noted to be very similar. This has ascended again with Gundam Build Fighter Battlogue ep 1, which has Char fight Ribbons, and has Char immediately hate him just because he recognizes his voice, only to later swap Ribbons for Amuro and explain the identical voices away with Amuro calling it coincidence.

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Then, in episode 33, it actually happened. He wrote on Twitter: North West, well, obviously.

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For a slightly more tenuous connection, it's possible that the entire Pendulum Summoning mechanic- which allows a player to summon more than one high-level monster from their hand in a single turn- is at least in part a reference to the original Signature Scene of Yugioh The Abridged Serieswhich has the Pharaoh calling out Kaiba for doing The Funimation advertisement for the series has the tagline "Winning the War on Pants" and refers to it as a "brief" series.

When Gundam Build Fighters featured dozens of background cameos by other Gundam characters, including many who suffered tragic deaths, fans joked that it was the Gundam-verse's version of Valhalla.

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Gundam 00 seemingly made this reality when Setsuna's Gundam turned red on acquiring its Super Modewith the technician staff stating "It goes about three times faster now! The Dragon Ball SD manga a cut-down and self-referential retelling of the original Dragon Ball references Yamcha's death in DBZ in a scene where Oolong reflexively transforms into a Saibaman "I was trying to think of what form could beat that guy, and I turned into this The card also carried the baby's January 15 birth date, alongside her birth weight of 7lbs 6oz.

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Dragon Ball Z Kai used a more angry and subdued "over 8," for the scene in the uncut version, but for the TV broadcast version Chris Sabat decided he wasn't happy, so he went back and retook the scene with the original line and all of its hamminess intact.

In Rebuild of Evangelionwe see Shinji cooking as well as the product of his work At the escalators, when Caro fell and we slammed into each other.

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In Mobile Suit Gundam: In the third series, El Cazador de la BrujaEllis is a literal witch. Graham Aker's masked samurai persona was nicknamed "Bushido Bob" and similar names well before Graham identified himself as Mr. Also, one from Gundam Wing: Chicago is an important location in the film. In Noirthe first of Bee Train 's Girls with Guns trilogy, Kirika's combat skills led to fans describing her as a "witch".