5 WWE women wrestlers you didn't know were dating fellow Superstars 5 WWE women wrestlers you didn't know were dating fellow Superstars

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She is also one of the top female athletes in professional wrestling.

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On August 31,almost private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, and with much containing nudity, were systematically stolen and uploaded online. They say the right things and do a great job of promoting the WWE brand.

Well at least it keeps the Divas covered so we can come out to play every week without getting thrown off the air for over-exposure. Nikki has made her presence known on social media with accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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WaveManiawhich was released in Brie has a tattoo just above her waistline whereas Nikki does not. I know that no matter what, you don't want to be a dad. Along with their castmates, Nikki and Brie give viewers an eye-opening look into their lives outside the ring.

For years, this bountiful bombshell has turned heads and broken hearts in WWE, but do not dismiss her as just another piece of eye candy.

We just talked and chatted for hours. News, "I don't even have hopes of a kid," she admitted to holding on to a little wisp of a prayer. News, "I think the best thing about me being able to ask her hand in marriage was she doesn't need to question my commitment to our relationship.

Cornering Cena on camera, she revealed how troubled she was when her twin revealed she had changed her stance on marriage and motherhood.

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I love celebrating my Mexican-Italian heritage, and a flower makes me feel Spanish … and pretty! Nikki emerged as a solid WWE talent in and became the Modeling dating Divas Champion in history.

Both girls have fantastic bodies, but during breakfast with Eva Marie and JoJoNikki got slapped in the face with some online hate. So, all of us girls have a secret that I am about to tell you to keep our clothes in place.

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I don't have the time. She was born on November 21,to parents of Mexican Daniel bryan dating brie bella Italian descent and was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In the lead up to the May 5 vows, Nikki Bella and John Cena were still wrestling with the same issues. It took a person that strong to change my life. His first union had ended with accusations of infidelity and, as he explained to Rolling Stonehe just wasn't sure if he could be a solid husband.

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Someone when I'm down, can pick me up. Although Nikki is billed at pounds by WWE, in actuality, she is a bit heavier than that.

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This fearless WWE Diva is not a hallucination. Nikki was ticked off, at least in part because, as she put it: Because he's like, 'Hey, let's do it. Actually, it is unclear what the producers of Total Divas wanted the viewing audience to think, because the next time we saw Nikki, she was gorging on dessert while having dinner with Brie and Daniel Bryan.

After being shoved out of the ring by her four opponents, Nikki was lying on the floor in pain.

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