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Don't rest on your laurels when it comes to your credit score We value your privacy. Any missed payments or defaults on loans negatively impact the rating. What is the matching process?

BREAKING DOWN 'Credit Rating'

Credit ratings are never static, in fact, they change all the time based on the newest data, and one negative debt will bring down even the best score. Surprisingly, however, not everyone on CreditScoreDating. Got an plus credit score? What is your credit score? No way, poll says Join the discussion We encourage an active and insightful conversation among our users.

Research which methods are available on a site and make sure they fit with your needs. Rachel Sussman, a licensed psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist in New York City, said the theory behind CreditScoreDating.

Dating sites do this based on preferences such as income, smoking and drinking, if the match has kids and whether he or she has ever been married. Some sites wait until you favorite, wink, or in some way OK a member before they can see your whole profile. Recently relocated Meeting people in a new town can be challenging.

These days it's much more attractive to be an than a perfect First, the agency considers the entity's past history of borrowing and paying off debts. Credit rating changes can have a significant impact on financial markets. Other members do not see this, but it allows the site's staff to confirm their identity.

Is the dating process safe? Instead of setting you up with one date at a time, the company schedules events in cities around the country. Not sure how to choose? It is important to decide how much you can afford to pay before committing to a site.

What features matter most?

A high credit rating indicates a high possibility of paying back the loan in its entirety without any issues; a poor credit rating suggests that the borrower has had trouble paying back loans in the past, and might follow the same pattern in the future.

And while many are divorcees looking to find someone more financially compatible the second time around, nearly 72 percent of the new members in the last 30 days are between the ages of 25 and 34, with men and women nearly equally represented.

Since companies depend on loans for many start-up and other expenses, being denied a loan could spell disaster, and a high interest rate is much more difficult to pay back.

A poor credit rating is a risky investment; it indicates a larger probability that the company will be unable to make its bond payments.

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June 26, On her second date with a man she met through an online dating service, Lauren was surprised when he revealed his credit score over dinner. Does the site allow just the bare minimum of your profile to be seen in search results?

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Top Traditional Dating Sites These sites have the broadest appeal and generally the largest membership bases. What do the experts have to say?

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Busy Singles Whether it is your work schedule or just a hectic life, online dating offers a convenient 24 hour a day solution for people in search of new friends, dates, or more. Credit ratings also play a large role in a potential investor's determining whether or not to purchase bonds.

This goes above and beyond just asking for your email. Of the 15, Spiceupyourlife dating site using the online dating portal, a "significant percentage" are in their 20s and 30s.

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Three most recent Credit scores, credit reports stories: There are several sites that offer additional levels of security including background checks and photo verification.