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Customary Law For centuries, throughout Africa, legal rules came in the form of customary laws.

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The essay will also focus on the benefits of comparatively analysing the collating institutions and processes of two or more countries as opposed to one.

Once established as king of England, William set up a legal system based on a hierarchical system of courts, in which the judges were responsible for rendering decisions in the cases before them and for synthesizing the varied customary laws found throughout the English territory. This is the reason that the countries of continental Europe have such similar legal systems.

Comparing and contrasting processes and institutions of two or more countries allows the isolation of specific national variants Hopkin, A more basic idea of MDSD is it takes subjects with different variables within them and tries to figure out why the outcomes between them are similar in the end.

Mohr Paul Siebeck France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and most of the other countries of western Europe maintain civil-law systems.

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The size of the case study is directly collated with the subject and it must lend the study sufficient statistical power. This theory holds true for a majority of countries Comparative political science essay it is tested with Keman, Islamic law also focuses on the duties, rather than the rights, of the individual.

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This communal purpose, however, also can be traced to the minimal role that the judge plays in the civil-law tradition. It is this nature of the analysis that renders it comparative.

Comparative Law, Comparative Constitutionalism, And Comparative Judicial Institutions

This has led to a general understanding of law as a tool for the individual, a system within which individuals have rights and may redress grievances against one another or against the state. Whether the laws are created by custom, legislation, or judicial decision, the Hindu tradition accepts manmade law as an essential component of a functioning social order, while at the same time recognizing the transient nature of this law and the fact that it will continue to change as circumstances and societal needs change.

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This prominence of the judicial branch has led, in many common-law countries, to the creation of judicial review, although the strength of such review varies. They were able to deduct them from their analysis and increase the accuracy of their predictions for the other cases.

Yet as evidenced above, the strengths of encompassing multiple countries into comparative research far outweigh any reduction in the quality of the findings.

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Patterns, similarities and differences are examined to assess the relationships of variants between the two or more separate systems. This theoretical framework for prediction is invaluable to society.

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Most recognize the preeminence of the Quran and the sunna, but disagree over the validity of the ijma and the Qiyas. The role of the judge in the Comparative political science essay tradition is to apply the laws, as written by the legislature, to the facts of the case under consideration.

It is sometimes tempting in an Dating same guy university setting to define comparative politics as the study of foreign i.

Indeed, many comparativists particularly those subscribing wholly to an area-studies understanding of the field view their roles as interpreters of the politics of foreign cultures.

It is by the CA of subjects from multiple countries that thematic maps can be developed, national, regional and global trends can be identified, and transnational organisations can make acutely informed decisions.

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Quite simply, the singular analysis of an institution or process involving only one country often fails to provide a global set of inferences to accurately theorise a process Harro and Hauge, Codes are the foundation of the civil-law tradition.