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Men of the Bible Meet the greatest heroes and villains of the Bible in this weekly devotional. Many residents of Barrow say they welcome the transition to midnight sunshine each summer.

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A person cannot claim to know God and yet knowingly live in sin. Love was when God became a man.

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First, notice the importance of team ministry. Why this ""business-as-usual"" reaction? Are they manipulating us by telling us what we want to hear? One of the reasons the world is in "sad" shape is because so many people don't know the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.

No amount of flirting made Jesus more desirable to him. Preoccupied with the problem of how philosophical knowledge could be as certain as mathematical knowledge, he began by doubting everything, especially his senses.

Yet deeper than faultless actions was Paul's commitment to interact with the Thessalonians as a father would with his own children. Let it cut away every root of self-confidence, that the Vine may find me wholly free to receive His life and spirit… Only You are my hope.

Find perspective and a purpose. Illustration by Jim L.

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But Hus stood firm. The great animal was not swimming, it was just watching the boat draw nearer and nearer. If Paul were only preaching the gospel to attract a following or to line his pockets, why would he endure such suffering? They became evangelists themselves see v. Verse 7 explodes in contrast to verse 6.

Has God brought a need to your attention? The validity of the gospel message is independent of the messenger. The Thessalonians were known for their diligent work in spreading the gospel and for their endurance under severe trial--all of which were inspired by their faith, love and hope in Jesus Christ.

It included a small amphitheater and courtyard that may have been used for baptisms and other ceremonies.

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Not less than forgiveness is cleansing a promise of God, and therefore a matter of faith. Sin affects our entire nature and only through Jesus do we find spiritual health and life.

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Since the Thessalonians were as human as anyone, Paul was concerned lest their sufferings cause them to pull back from their devotion to Christ. In Philippi, Paul and Silas were falsely accused of advocating lawless behavior Acts Though people tried to find an escape, most people agreed with the vegetable vendor who said why worry about the outside world, there was plenty to do in Ember.

His call to holiness is a call to friendship.

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Finally Paul prays that the Thessalonians would be strengthened to be holy and blameless in God's presence. Everyone must decide for themselves who Jesus was and how they answer this question will have eternal implications.

Eventually, Paul left Athens for Corinth.

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As soon as we have this conception of God, we shall see that he invites us to Christian dating devotionals at every moment, and that he is really longing for fellowship with his children. How good was the good news?

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Here is a theme that will become dominant in the final two chapters of this book and that will carry over into 2 Thessalonians as well. The one thing we all need, particularly when life is difficult, is fellowship with other believers.

How much were the Thessalonians suffering?