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When Sasahara asks her out, she reluctantly tells him about it; he's surprised, but not shocked. After 20 years she has children, when a evil force try to take over equestria it up to Twilight's eldest daughter and the other eldest of Twilight friends to save Equestria.

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The only thing they have in common is wanting to change their past. M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Gallagher Girls - Rated: Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: They get in a fight when suddenly something horrible happens to Sang but none of them know.

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Rated M to be safe: EXO fans sent abusive messages via Instagram 'She's beautiful': My Little Pony - Rated: The band had to leave a fan event two weeks ago because of safety concerns The band's fans have gone to extreme measures before, harassing well known women that the band's members interact with or follow on social media.

This will be updated with the new, aforementioned episode she will star in. With Palpatine still alive, it's going to make it more difficult to help Bakura, an Imperial controlled world being invaded by a species from beyond the unknown regions. This is largely a Fanfic Trope though not quite Recursive Fanfictionbut can occur in original works.

Power Rangers - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: With more than just his ninja family at stake, who will be the first to uncover the secret, who will be captured, and what is happening to the missing people.

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Future Is Wild - Rated: Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Rated: Mahiro ends up settling the debate by buying the book himself and burning it. A peace has formed between the two races and they are once more living in harmony.

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In my opinion, it was a perfect ending. Okane ga Nai - Rated: Nothing is gonna slow down by Troyella forever reviews This story takes place in hsm3 the night troy tried to convince gabriella she should go to stanford.

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Madam Secretary - Rated: Pretty much shameless angst and whump Chanyeol dating fan - Rated: When Perry met Laura Parrish. Until a young woman walks into his office and changes his life.

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Now, years later, I've managed to get kidnapped again This will be a multichapter fic with several different minor plotlines added to the main two.

FemHarry Harry Potter - Rated: Chanyeol dating fan he did it to change the minds of his friends and co-workers he will soon find that he changes far more. Criminal Minds - Rated: Abandoned Schnee by Unknown user Weiss' twin brother gets taken by the White Fang and her family gives up trying to find him after a few years.

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Memories and Control by Red Lizard reviews Years have past since the barrier was shattered.