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If it is engine noise it will sound sort of like a whistle that will increase as the rpms on the motor raise but Mens dating review disappear when you turn the engine off.

If I am running the hot wire for more then feet I use at least a 10 gauge wire.

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As far as the radio ground, I would ground it as close to the radio as possible, but if grounding it to the battery works better than keep it there. These antenna systems will not work with high powered radios. The SWR meter, which comes built-in with some of the more expensive models, is not a precision piece of test equipment and should not be trusted as completely accurate.

These fuses are important and should be placed as close to the battery as possible, and these fuses are in addition to the standard fuse that comes on most CB radio power cords. The dash terminals are usually rated at 15 amps, a few are 30 amps.

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Sand of the paint ground to bare metal and then you can pain over it if you want. To do this often will require more wire than is provided with your CB radio.

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It does not hurt to go a little larger as the Galaxy information above states. On my radio I have it grounded to one of the bolts that hold down the shifter cover.

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Magnet mount type antennas are never a good choice for high powered radios. All opinions, articles and written statements on this website are opinion. If you choose to wire your radio using this method you will want to make sure that any extra wire you purchase is of the same gauge or larger than the original manufacturer's wire.

Cigarette lighter adapter will have thicker wire. Always try to add a short ground strap from one of the radio cover screws to your vehicle chassis ground. This will prevent the hot wire from catching fire if it ever grounds out to the frame.

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In the past I had a cheap Maxxon wired the same way and no engine noise. For a short runI use at least a 12 gauge for the power.

You want your antenna mounted to the body, not anything that attaches Cb power hookup the body, even tailgates MAY not be good for grounding? Poor grounds cause problems to antenna systems and radio operation.

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Approximately nine times out of ten, if you have a problem with your radio setup the cause will be poor grounding. Engine noise can be a PIA for some, a non issue for others. These radios must be wired with both red positive and blue negative wires direct to the battery with 8ga for up to 10 feet and 6ga.

You may need to hook to the large wire in your dash that comes up from the battery.