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Cat dating websites, origin and history of cats

Most breeders, enthusiasts, organizations, international registries such as TICA and WCF, and national registries accept point colouration as being natural. Behaviour Special traits The cat has a subtle repertoire of facial expressions, vocal soundsand tail and body postures that express its emotional state and intentions.

Unlike wild cats that breed once a year, the domestic cat is capable of bearing up to three litters every year.

Parents are often strongly bonded and some mothers will only mate with one male. Evidence from art and literature indicates that the cat was present in Greece from the 5th century bce, and tiles featuring cats appeared in China from bce.

There are also dilutions of the other ordinary colours: Domestication Although the origin of the domesticated cat is hidden in antiquity, studies involving mitochondrial DNA mtDNA suggest that there have been two lineages of Felis catus.

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The interactive tools making looking for love much easier, and our email and telephone support is always around to give you a little helping hand if you get stuck with anything. The cat figured prominently in the religions of Egypt, the Norse countries, and various parts of Asia.

In fact, nothing is known of the ancestry of the Siamese types, and there is no living species of Asian cat that could have served as ancestor.

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Panleucopenia, often called feline distemper Cat dating websites, is the best-known viral disease in cats. The size differences between breeds in the domestic dog have no parallel in the domestic cat, nor has anything even remotely approaching the wide range of head shapes and body proportions Cat dating websites different breeds of dogs ever appeared among the cats.

The orange gene is carried on the X chromosome ; male tortoiseshells Dating baseball metaphor one extra X chromosome, resulting in an abnormal XXY chromosomal pattern.

Another common behaviour problem in cats is their natural desire to rake objects such as drapes and furniture with their claws. The eyebrows, whiskers, hairs of the cheek, and fine tufts of hair on the ears are all extremely sensitive to vibratory stimulation.

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Because the breed is relatively new to registration and breed books are open, breeders are able to add foundation stock to the breed. This shape contributes to their incredible agility and athleticism. Cats permitted to wander outdoors are exposed to a variety of hazards, including accidents, attacks from other animalspoisoningfleas and other parasites, and contagious diseases such as feline acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS.

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Associations with human culture

Although the cat was proclaimed a sacred animal in Egypt in the 5th and 6th dynasties c. The gestation period for cats averages 63 to 65 days, and birth usually lasts about two hours. Courtesy of the trustees of the British Museum; photograph, J.

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Although gaining in popularity, the expense of importing the cats from Russia keeps the breed relatively rare outside of Europe.

Such changes may make the cat feel insecure, so that it deposits urine and feces around the house, possibly as territorial marks for security.

Persian, cream and white bicolour. In India cats were mentioned in Sanskrit writings around bce, while the Arabs and the Japanese were not introduced to the cat until about ce.

Emotional causes include the addition of a new family member—another cat, a child, or a spouse. Although research suggests that these cats were actually leopard cats Prionailurus bengalensiswhich were replaced by modern domestic cats F. Pica—a hunger for nonnutritive substances—may be a symptom of the need for more roughage in the diet or of feline leukemia or other health problems.

Selected shorthair breeds of cats name.

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Atypical for cats, juvenile male Siberians have been seen cuddling and grooming their cousins and siblings. Hence, male tortoiseshells are born only rarely and are usually sterile.

Cats have a third eyelidor nictitating membrane, commonly called the haw. Cats are attacked by several kinds of external and internal parasites.

Thus, although the cat is a relatively small animal, it can frighten enemies by arching its back, bristling, and hissing.