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Oddly, the entrances were again forgotten or covered up, perhaps by rumble from the casing blocks brought down by the violent earthquake that hit the Cairo region in the 13th century AD.

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In Septemberhaving come across a comment by Piazzi Smyth in one of his books [11]I decided to find out where the Dixon Relics were. Significantly, the older date was on charcoal. The Flood occurred about BC and the dispersion from the Tower of Babel sometime in the centuries soon after.

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Perhaps they underestimated how much they would need and in the end had to make do with new topics. We cannot pretend that there is no such error in this data. You have the bakery that Mark Lehner found.

From him I found out that his father, prior to the war, had been the Technical Director of Muddy matches dating website London Fumigation Company, a post which he eventually returned to after the war.

And in response to the evidence that we have for the time in which the pyramids are built, the criticism is often leveled at scholars that they're only dealing with circumstantial information.

The radiocarbon dates from monuments spanning Dynasty 3 Djoser to late Dynasty 5 Unasaveraged years older than the Cambridge Ancient History dates of the kings with whom the pyramids are identified.

And in tandem with Zahi Hawass in '80, we were clearing out this fissure, which now is totally filled with debris again. John Dixon was not a witness to the opening of the shafts and the discovery of the relics, which were made by his younger brother, Waynman in September We wanted to use science to test the accepted historical dates of several Old Kingdom monuments.

And I think I could take just about any interested person and show them this kind of material embedded in the pyramids as well as tool marks in the stones and say, hey, folks, these weren't lasers. The dates assigned to these ancient times depend heavily on the many assumptions used to infer them.

We then compared our results with the mid-point dates of the kings to whom the monuments belonged Cambridge Ancient History, 3rd ed.

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We found tools, we found pottery, characteristic of the Old Kingdom time of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Samples were also taken from our excavations at Giza where two largely intact bakeries were discovered in The earliest experiments in radiocarbon dating were done on ancient material from Egypt.

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You realize than an error range comes with any C14 date, right? We focused our collection efforts on tiny pieces of these materials, along with reed and straw left by the ancient builders.

If a piece of wood was already centuries old when it was burned, radiocarbon dates of the resulting charcoal would be centuries older than the mortar for which it was burned.

Also, any living forest or stand of trees will have old trees and very young shoots.


We're looking, you see, at the core. Only two conclusions are possible: We actually cleared out this cavity. And so they'd jam down pebbles and cobbles and some broken stones, and slop big quantities of gypsum mortar in there.

We're dealing with basically the entirety of Egyptology and Egyptian archaeology. We weren't damaging the pyramids, because these are tiny little flecks and it's a very strange experience to be crawling over a monument as big as Khufu's, looking for a bit of charcoal that might be as big as the fingernail on your small finger.

While alive, all plants and animals take C14 into their bodies. Now the point is this. Samples that produced results more than 1, years different from those expected were excluded.