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In the semi-darkness he tried to make out the elaborate, symmetrical patterns he had seen illustrated in books.

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So there he went, commending himself to God along the way. Fragmento de la carta a sus padres: Nothing is harder than making a living in an occupation that deprives you of every creative impulse.

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What is to be done? Manhattan Tropics — Excerpt from Chapter 6 On a cold night in early December Juan Marcos had decided to stay home to write some letters.

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He was deep in thought, as if walking among the clouds. Don Balta told me that the first day I set foot on New York soil. Sign up for all of our lastest news. He remained an active and progressive voice in the U. This story appears in issue On the table were three envelopes bordered in red and blue and bearing airmail stamps.

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Juan Marcos took the job, his hopes revived, and he continued stringing together daydreams. Now he reveled in an air of triumph.

An excerpt from the letter to his parents: Aquella noche estaba nublada y pesada. Without a doubt, life behind the display counter was not the most desirable one for him, even if he earned enough money there to cover his expenses and send his parents a few dollars every month.

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Aunque no me gusta mucho el trabajo que tengo, siempre trato de hacer lo mejor que puedo The snow was falling more heavily now. That being said, I cannot determine for certain the legitimate channels through which the intangible effluences of this social conglomerate flow It was necessary to run this errand at lunchtime, and he had no time to lose.

It is an age at war with simplicity: He ido a tres conciertos y he visto varias representaciones teatrales.

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Passing in front of a basement-level diner, he heard a Puerto Rican Christmas carol playing. At around midnight he pushed back his chair and settled in for his last cigarette of the evening.

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He translates from French and Spanish.