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Gold into reattaching his lost hand, Emma jokingly asked if she was supposed to call him "Captain Hand". Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth S.

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However, psychiatrist Gordon Wyatt subverts this stating that "Freud is largely discredited, so to hell with him. By Any Other Name by colakirk reviews El has a shadow while she's doing chores around the house.

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What was Dumbledore thinking? As badass as one can get in a realistic series: The following takes place in his hospital room: Another certain vampire take interest in Bella.

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Done a fourth time in the season 6 finale, with a twist: The Spy Who Loved Me: Olivia and Amanda Rollins go to the sperm bank posing as a couple "ready to take the next step. They agree that they can still work together but Booth needs time to move on.

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Tinting the Edges by RoeBoat reviews Jim's always going to get hurt- he knew that when he signed up for this. Spanking, some coarse language, somewhat AU but mostly canon compliant. The Captain was still seen wearing his golden hook, as he uses Tinker Bell's jealousy of Wendy to learn the where about of Peter's hideout.

The Boss makes Sam and Mary go undercover as brother and sister, precisely because he knows that their relationship will have a lot of sexual tension that needs to be kept under control and he somehow knows this even though Sam and Mary haven't met.

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In this limiting situation, Mufasa sees that the only option to defeat the enemy is working with his brother, Scar. Unknown to everyone else, Zane and Ty are already lovers, but are having trouble with the emotional side of their relationship; being forced into public demonstrations of love and affection wrenches them both in to a new understanding of how they might feel about each other.

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Several scenes were devoted to showcasing his dog-taming skills as the main characters oohed and aahed. Assignment 5 of Sapphire and Steel has the titular beings pose as a married couple.

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Booth and Bones will often discuss domestic relationship stuff while doing their respective jobs they're partners on the field that are a forensic anthropologist and FBI field agent respectively or they'll talk about the job while cuddling in bed together.