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What do I know I want in a person?

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It started in college with my college roommate, I would always tell her she needed to get out more and o3ne night I went out to a party and when I came home and I was literally bubbling over. I believe there is somebody for everybody but I believe that there are lots of different soul mates.

Emily - Writer Emily is an editor who inspires her clients to write about their best selves - and she is Smart Dating Academy's chief profile writer!

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How did your husband propose? She also has experience developing programming for a non-profit that supports women experiencing life transitions. A lot of guys can get attached to women during sex because they secrete oxytocin as well.

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Does your husband make you happy every single day? During her initial time as a matchmaker, Bela saw that singles wanted more than just to be set up on dates — they wanted the whole package. Her direct and active approach towards creating personal change helps others gain the tools to find and attract the right connection.

This is how good women stay with bad guys.

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Can you give us the cliff notes? Most matchmakers will give you one date a month but there are still 60 meals [in a month], what are you going to be doing for the other 59? Prior to founding the Smart Dating Academy, Bela worked for 12 years as a top global executive for Akzo Nobel, a large multinational corporation.

She has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and what they need. And what is the best setting for a first date, drinks?

It all culminated in when Bela launched Smart Dating Academy, a company that was matching people and, most importantly, teaching them how to make dating work for them. With too much time and too much alcohol, you are probably going to go down those dark allies.

Marry a person that makes you feel happy, makes you feel safe and secure because so much of the time we search for the elusive chemistry. Someone who is nice to me and nice to everyone. The Smart Dating Academy team is made up of professional writers, photographers, and stylists.

Bela Gandhi matched her first couple when she was in college. The People Behind the Curtain: Leave them wanting more.

And their clientele runs the gamut — from year-olds and year-olds, to bankers and teachers, to divorcees and widowers. Women have taken their work persona to their dates. People screen people out so quickly especially as technology has hit dating.

You start to put better energy out there. What did I learn from this guy? Number one thing you hear to be a dating deal breaker? Ten years ago when we were dating there was no internet, there was no Match.

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Rebecca graduated from Northwestern University with a masters in counseling psychology and has been in practice for several years.