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This calculation can be made from the worst possible case or based on the guides that are outlined for diameters based on the flow that runs across them.

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Only your plumber can guarantee that. Sometimes you need to dig into the hole around the manifold spout pipe and get some of the old putty out of there so you can wobble the manifold a bit, so it will break away from the wall of the tub. The actual text of an NKBA guideline recommendation.

This is an actual side-fill bathtub about 32" long mounted on a pedestal sink like pedestal so that the rim is 28" above the floor. As a place to start, you would fix up your sink that really needs little work.

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Keep in mind that your plumber might tell you that he will do the restoration job, then the first day that he is alone in your house he might destroy some vital piece or another of your original fixtures which will then require that you switch to the remodel job.

Yet, water was and still is believed to have restorative and recuperative powers. Chances are that company might have experience with and an interest in maintaining original old residential plumbing fixtures.

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My toilet bowl has the name John Douglas written on the rim, and Gloria inside the bowl. The manifold is held into the hole in the tub with plumbers putty that has turned to cement. None of the trim is replaceable except one piece here or there as I am able to find it.

Bidets were not widely sold in America at this time, but Sitz baths were not all that uncommon in better homes and mansions. Heat will make this easier, as will some WD 40 sprayed onto the threads.

We have seen only one of these in almost 40 years of collecting we have it. Finally, how do I remove mineral deposits from the enamel near the drain?

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The ladies name Gloria had some significance to the company founders, but I have yet to determine what it was. Also inthe Standard Sanitary Mfg Co. Outline of a bathroom plumbing system.


The only shower valves I can find are 8 inches from valve center to valve center, but my valves are 6 inches from center to center.

In other words, we will not sell you a tub that is missing a leg, or that has the cleats on the bottom broken off so the legs will not attach. George Taylor Specialties is the shop, and it has been in business for about years! This line does not have any waste material, and once an ideal slope has been applied to it, no waste from the toilet will be allowed to back up in it.

We will take them apart and replace the worn out parts, and tighten them up.

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My plumber, who routinely works on old fixtures, said the faucet is a "fuller-ball" set-up. The trouble is that fuller valves are great looking old antique faucets!

We have a Paypal account and you are welcome to use that. Wash, rinse and dry when finished.

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The rubber ball is the "fuller-ball". Co of Allegheny, PA.

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We do not sell any reproductions and, we have found no way to produce a catalog economically.