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Keep in mind that any collectible is only worth what someone is willing to pay; an asking price for an unsold item does not necessarily reflect a current market value. Plus who can afford to live in New York City?

Share your memories of sewing for Barbie — or any other beloved doll — in the comments! No one is limited this way when sewing for Barbie. Go for a funky street hipster look dressing her up in that navy striped top and stockings, adding sparkly purple shorts and a sassy hat or hair band.

Over the years, the company has been accused many times of perpetuating female stereotypes and making white skin and blond hair the ideal of feminine beauty.


Have a great time playing our newest dress up game, ladies! Try a smart casual approach, matching a blue sequin bustier top with denim skinny jeans, high heel shoes, stylish scarf and blazer, fancy bag and gold studs.

Many sewists got their start sewing for a favorite doll. So many children over the last five decades first realized the power Dating events in houston beauty of sewing while making a dress for Barbie.

I never had a Barbie growing up. Alissa Haight Carlton is the Supervising Casting Director for Project Runway, which has become a fashion institution since it first aired in How about that pink princess gown with deep V like cleavage? The board has a thread explaining how to post photos.

Not all doll sellers are knowledgeable experts, and people do misstate facts or make unintentional mistakes. If the book you need is too expensive or out of print, check your local library. Scraps of fabric with a needle and thread are all they need to get started.

Pricing Condition is everything. Books Books and magazine articles are often the most complete and detailed resources for identifying dolls.

Mattel has sold over a billion Barbies since. The board has many friendly doll experts who volunteer their knowledge. In the end, I pushed the patterns aside and set about designing things on my own, turning to books, and later to blogs and YouTube, when I needed to master specific skills.

See Doll Reference Books.

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To estimate current market values, check completed eBay or other online sellers for dolls in the same condition as yours.

For many people, that first favorite doll was a Barbie. She will look fashion fabulous in a girly short skirt combined with a tank t-shirt, leggings and sandals.

Columnist Abby Glassenberg explores how those humble beginnings shaped, and continue to shape, the home sewing industry.

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In addition to rejecting Barbie, my mother also rejected sewing. While on vacation in Switzerland in the mids, Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler had purchased German dolls that were shaped like adults.

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Book values are out of date by the time a book is published. Send me a comment about it, please? Pushing aside the available patterns, children set about designing their own Barbie fashions, and some carry that experience forward into a lifelong passion Barbies dating with ken dress up sewing.

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Risk it all on a glam and attractive dress and high heels, like for example a strapless red top and mini skirt combination. I just used her as my mannequin.

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The major sewing pattern companies, including Butterick, Simplicity and McCalls, have released patterns for Barbie clothes through the years, but at such a small scale those patterns are fiddly and hard for a child to achieve independently.

We made them fancy with scraps of lace and trim. When I look back at those frustrating afternoons struggling by myself to understand the language of sewing patterns, I see her lack of involvement as a blessing.