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My back is being warmed to a Bap dating scandal glow by the industrial ovens behind me.

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While Greggs' cakes, bread and biscuits are made in regional bakeries dotted around the country and decorated by hand, all the pasties, pies and sausage rolls are made under this one roof, flash frozen in vast spiral coolers, packed tight and then shipped out to branches in refrigerated lorries.

What would his father have made of it all?


Describe a typical Sunday Come and have a look at it all being minced in. He also set up the Greggs Foundation, its charitable arm, in and kept a close eye to ensure that social responsibility and philanthropy has remained key to the business.

Which is perhaps the biggest surprise of the day. For a school to take part, at least 40 per cent of its children must qualify for free school meals. Is it the porcine equivalent of a chicken nugget - full of mashed up bone, brain, hoof and toe?

The bakers who ate the High Street: Jane Fryer discovers Greggs' recipe for success

Because Sunday is so busy we usually have a roast during the week instead. But as I'm here, I feel I should. Paul loves texture and has an awful lot to say about it: In practice, however, working behind the sausage roll counter in Greggs the Baker in the middle of Newcastle is a bit of a nightmare.

But indisaster struck - he died suddenly and Ian, fresh from university, took over. Kate and husband Graham on Googlebox Image: Which is all so impressive and unexpected that I almost forgot to ask about the bad stuff - the lardiness, the oozing grease, the fat content and the cakes with neon icing?

They have always been cheap, cheerful and lardy So to find out what all the fuss is about, Bap dating scandal how an enormous centralised company can command such a bizarrely warm reception - 'Ooh, a day at Greggs, I'm so jealous! There are Danish pastries and chocolate muffins coming out of my ears.

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So what is inside a Greggs sausage roll? And I wondered if there was something I could do where my desire to be looked at could also make the world a better place, even in a small way.

Because I was the priest, I felt I had to come in to bat for the church a lot. Well, not as bad as it was, anyway.

I'll be bap: Meet the robots that rustle up sandwiches | Daily Mail Online

On top of all that, 10 per cent of company profits are divvied up between the 19, staff. The kind of not-answering-the-phone late that sees us almost re-scheduling our chat with her agent in her absence.

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Lie-in or up with the lark? Next door is a room where they measure texture. He's working on the new breakfast sausage. Which means the gaudily-coloured Halloween cookies will be a bit more of a challenge this year.

And there's plenty of chirpy chat and mountains of cheap and pleasingly lardy food on hand.

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Almost as much as his production Oasis dating faq Nigel Oldham, who's worked for the company for 11 years, prefers the bacon bap and says: They never really seemed the type.

We go to the pub, we go dancing in Rock City on a Friday night. It was an equally grounding moment when that call came in. The Road To Santiago showed. But it is meat.

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Only the uniform's a bit of a let down - a bit more cabin crew than champion baker. I tend to see it as the latter. And that other telly and radio has followed suit.

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How does Reverend Kate spend her Sunday? Other people are fighting battles we have no idea about and it all says more about them than it does about me. Every ten minutes, enormous trays of frozen lifebread, pasties, pies and sausage rolls need carefully lifting into and back out of furnace-like ovens.