50 Great Questions To Ask A Guy 50 Great Questions To Ask A Guy

Ask a guy dating questions, 150 extra questions to ask a guy

What is it, and why did you pick it? What is the most irritating food? What is your idea of a truly romantic evening?

Ask Him These Top 25 If You Have A Crush On Him

Name one of my body parts you simply love? How accurate do you now think it was? Do you have any recurring dreams? If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in three words? If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?

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What sports did you or do you play? Where were you born?

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Are you a morning person or a night owl? Who was your first crush? What is your most prized possession? But hey, why not? This is a really good way to gauge how efficient someone is, and what their priorities are.

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Which show on TV do you absolutely have to watch live when it airs? If you could learn only one magic spell, but it could only do something mundane and boring, what would the spell do? Can you fake any accent?

Questions to Ask a Guy to Get Him to Open Up

What childish thing do you still enjoy? What is your favorite family memory? If you could pick up any one instrument and instantly be a virtuoso at it, what instrument would you choose?

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What is a random thing that reveals a lot about a person? What social media post has really stuck with you? One of the best questions you can ask a guy.

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I know not everyone is into history. Which has been your most frequently recurring one? Your first date - where did you go, what did you do and how long did the relationship last?

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Do you enjoy small talk with strangers? Has anyone in your family betrayed your trust? What is something that happened in your life that felt like the worst thing at the time, but was really the best thing in the long run?

#1 Where Were You Born?

We all have a happy place we like to go into after a long hard day, and that place says a lot about who we are and what makes us happy. Who we look up to says a lot about who we are. What are you insecure about?

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Okay, so I debated whether or not to put this one into the list. If you could change one thing in your past, what would you change? What is one story you tell that always makes people laugh? What really makes this question fun is imagining what the celebrity would do once they were leader and what kinds of laws they would make.

What is the worst thing that somebody has walked in on you doing? At one point, we got onto the subject of relationships, men and women. How well do you cope under pressure?