Antique Vintage Old Telephone Replacement Parts For Sale Antique Vintage Old Telephone Replacement Parts For Sale

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Many years ago I became a believer and fan of Novus plastic polish and scratch remover. A later Model Western Electric dial phone that became a fixture in American homes during the late 's through the 's. We have many ourselves. Serial data from the local computer was changed into beeps and transmitted to the other end of the line.

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Please we do not take personal checks. Below are some examples of s wall phone evolution.

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My first process was to wash all of the plastic parts. Original bases did not have excess material showing. Then carefully bead blast to remove the old paint. Once the metal has been prepared, plating can begin.

I've cut off the pin on the end of the wire and connected the clips that are Antique telephone hook up with the kit to the part to be plated. If you have one that needs a loving touch send us a e-mail.

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Self-plating is not difficult. Buff the nickel with a soft cotton rag.

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I like to use Styrofoam, Double box, Styrofoam peanuts, Unused diapers or anything light. Collectors use a different process which will be described in a future blog.

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Often, the question arises as to why the Bell System in the USA, which owned and operated the manufacturing division that was Western Electric, was purchasing phones from the Canadian company Automatic Electric. There are some who like to polish each screw. The switch hook area was molded to accommodate either an F or a G handset.

Then you will need to give me the "ok" to continue or what you want to do!

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Below is one from the proper era that can copied right click and printed. There are many occasions when one or more "feet" on a Western Electric "Lucy phone"or a WE as seen in my April 28th blog below, are worn or torn.

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Ericsson desk phone made by the L. Before reinstalling the components, we inspect each part for any possible defects. The photos below do not show the actual beauty of Steve's accomplishment: If these phone do work it Online dating stevenage not very well and with many problems.

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My telephone needs fixin! The receiver on this model is a headphone, similar to those used on Western Electric switchboards of the same era.

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I don't tend to be that fastidious but in this case I did use a mild cleaner and fine steel wool pad on the metal parts. Reassemble all of the parts and add a modular cord if you plan to use the phone on today's telephone system.

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We will run the cord out the door It does not look as good, but it does not harm the telephone if you have no original holes through the back of the telephone.

Note the hole on the right in the middle image. Both methods produce excellent results.