#DateMyFamily of Comfort and Ashby leave in question. Is Date My Family just public stunt ? #DateMyFamily of Comfort and Ashby leave in question. Is Date My Family just public stunt ?

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Texts were in astonishing numbers on a daily bases.

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I however do feel that many times I took Malusi back not out of love or anything but to spite Noma for the insults and accusations about me running after her husband when he was the one doing all the running. Her tagging along on his business trips is a very new thing that she forced him to agree to because of my existence.

Even if he marries you, he will never be a blessing in your life if it took hurting others to get him.

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Insults started pouring at this point, everything from me being uneducated, Hello! This kind of thing is NOT love no matter how many lies he tells and how many excuses you give yourself.

Before I knew it I was back on the phone with him again. I pulled no records whatsoever, I was beyond shocked by her reading all these things and still accusing me, and to be honest I sort of felt badly and wanted out. Another truthful reportIn February hubby filed for the official separation.

I was tired of trying to reason with Noma.

The pain and guilt you must live with is immeasurable and remember, you may not be lucky enough to have someone that will come back to you after all this so in the end, is the life you have worth losing over a dirty shame like this?

Anyway I ended up staying there for two weeks. He was clearly getting ready to get married, a fact he failed to mention to me not that I can claim any Single mom dating after divorce. So badly I started not feeling guilty.

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She blocked me too. I made a terrible mistake and hurt a man who loves me. At this point my hubby and I had started communicating and I was hopeful and focused on working things out with him which has been the case ever since.

He was then forced to block me on Instagram. Either that, it is my hope that we truly put the matter to rest.

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I revealed being in a relationship and living with someone but I said nothing when he assumed it was just a boyfriend. She responded with calling Malusi on a three way so I could hear what he says.

This was a day or two after returning from a week in Cape Town with Malusi. If you are with a married man that you think you are deeply in love with and visa versa, you both need to let it go for some time and let him sort out his family affairs because if his heart is no longer in that marriage, he needs to divorce and the two of you can have a clean start.

Her argument was that I need to stop throwing myself at her man. Please note that I have both a telegraphic and photographic memory.

I perhaps called him once during all that time, he was the one calling. I fail to explain myself to family or friends but I was numb and okay with being practically single.

Right in the midst of all that I forgot my phone at home while gone to teach a yoga class.